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Life Is An Amazing Journey

Today is 12.20.2019 = 8

Eight is about balancing not only today,
yet every day as we move further along our path
as if we are walking along a knife edged trail
on a very extreme mountain top

In this vision
There is both excitement and fear
with a tendency to concentrate too hard
on what is happening in each step

Then we come to places where we need to change direction
which adds more drama to our journey.

Of course without pausing to look ahead
at what we might be approaching
the energies increase within us
to become somewhat unbearable.

Our evolutionary process is not so much a life or death situation,
yet is is a constant transition that reminds me of a spider web

Tarantula – Fire


A Time of Decisions



Where We are to…

Follow intuition

Focus on highest expectations

Grandmother Spider has co-created the Web of Life for us to Journey and experience the 3rd dimension of physicality within the Light and Wisdom of our Central Sun

She guides us through all of our journeys as we weave our way through this Web of Her love and Devotion. Feel Her constant presence as you pause now before our calendar year of 2020 begins

Here we are once again at the moment in our journey where the warp and the weft change the fabric of humanity.

The fine line of the weft is now becoming held by the warp and must not refuse to be captured by it.

This Grand and Divine weaving of Light and Spirit, Water and Earth, is always an internal one.
Love and Truth flow unceasingly from the Wellspring of Our Hearts

Our Solstices are moments in our earthly cycles which call us to balance our masculine and feminine energies. Each hemisphere of our planet is in a balanced opposition moving us deeper into the feminine or outward into the masculine

So take some time on this Solstice to tap into this Web of Creation
to behold Your Presence at this very moment in Our Evolution
to remember that no matter how frightening life can be,
Life prevails Eternally

The White Fire of Our Celestial Heart
lights up the Silken Threads of Grandmother Spider’s Web
and so to We Become Enlightened in that moment of their Unification

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YouTube Video Replay @ Presence of Light

Charlie Riverman Bergeron 12.20.19