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Whatever we are waiting for- peace of mind, contentment, grace the inner awareness of simple abundance – it will surely come to us, but only when we are ready to receive it with an open and grateful heart. ~Sarah Ban Breathnach

This post of my Presence of Light Talk on Friday the 4th of January is a little behind schedule as the beginning of 2019 has been a rocket blast that in about it’s 3rd stage.

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Grace and Harmony

The first two words that hit me this morning are Grace and Harmony.

Each one represents an aspect of ourselves that we sometimes find quite evasive.

So what are these sometimes flowing and sometimes not flowing spiritual aspects of ourselves?

Grace is defined as simple elegance or refinement of movement. In religious belief it is considered the favor of God.

Harmony outside of musical expression is considered agreement or accord.

So within these two words we find understanding, cooperation, friendship and unity.

So how important are these words now in this world that seems so factionalized.

Many of us right now are experiencing that division not only outside of ourselves but within the very beingness of our everyday lives. We are torn sometimes between what we know is the best thing to do and what the rest of humanity is doing.

Today there is a celebration of the element air and as I think about that I look out my window at the sky and watch how the clouds move in the body here which surrounds our earth knowing that there is a distinction among the different forms of clouds but they’re not factionalized.


Perhaps the clouds could be a good representation of how we are to move and have our being both internally and externally.

Yes there are storms that arise but they move on.

Yes there are days of emptiness, however eventually the clouds return.

How amazing is air itself as we only see it in forms of water molecules which gather or smoke which rises come from the other elements water and fire.

Yet those three elements: mingled and then dissipate many times in a form of both Grace and Harmony.

So too we need to do that within our wrong physicality and outside of us when we are interacting with others. Sometimes we need to just allow whatever is coming up to rise and dissipate. Sometimes we need to allow it to can just the atmosphere so that the only thing that can be done is to Spend choke on it. All the time we should maintain an observation wherein we can see it but not necessarily become it.

This is our saving grace and our blessed harmony… To become more like air… A mixture of gases which has both weight and takes up space however it has an advantage that it can be compressed and expanded.

It is in this compression and expansion of our innermost self that reminds us that we are more much more than the physical container we are held in.


Let us take a deep breath feel our lungs and chest expand

Exhaling and allowing this container to contract

So to in life and in all things that upset our energetic fields we should be able to maintain a constant flow of air and focus on that just simply breathing when things are feeling separated or agitated.

Just coming back to that simple process of breathing, without which we won’t be here very long and knowing that in that space we are able to observe, from a place of non-judgment realizing that the physical body will always take the hit of energetic disturbance. Yet if we rise to this a amorphic and spiritual state of ourselves we can always find Grace and Harmony.

I wish you all grace and Harmony and the ability to become like Air … yes the joke is Airy Fairy indeed.

Yet it is not a form of instability but an aspect of ourselves which calls upon great focus to become and remain there.

In that focusing we contract away from all of the things that are bothering us, all of the things that are happening, all of the things that are creating chaos both around us and within us.

I know that as I move into 2019 I’m going to add that into my practice as much as I possibly can, to be more like air, the wind that shows up and can be felt, seen and heard.

Yet also to be flexible enough to endure being affected by whatever environment I may encounter.

Join me and let’s see what we create and where we land.

Charlie Riverman