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As the Last talk of the Year and the New Year off to a rapid beginning I offer you an MP3  here on the page and my show notes as they were written on that very morning.
Of Course you can still find my posts on YouTube and yourListen if you so desire.
May your New Year 2019 be one of Peace, Light and Love – Riverman



SHOW NOTES 12.28.2018
What a lovely message to awaken to as the last talk of the year.
The day is a 6 representing

energy of service

harmony between the macrocosms and microcosms
and balance between helping and interfering

So the question is how are we going to express that in 2019???
What does Service mean to you?
What does Harmony and Balance Mean to you?

Many of us have been through a year of ups, downs, ins and outs and uncertainty, irregardless of where we live around the world. We so need to begin the year with a little more reflection than usual.

I pulled a card this morning with the wonderful word

Affirmations for that card are basically


To rely on Source to guide us with love and wisdom.

To know We can trust that guidance.

To open Our Hearts and reach out to receive that guidance and wisdom.
And to take what it given to us and apply it in our journey back into oneness.

So 2019 is to be a year of Trusting and having Faith in ourselves as we co-create all the changes which are needed for our collective evolution.

The next card I randomly pulled was about Denial and I suppose that is where we are all coming from these days is a place of denial. Sometimes at a snails pace yet waking up from this not wanting to accept our full individual responsibility for our own welfare but that of Planet Earth and all life as well.

It is not easy to accept our roles as leaders especially when there is so much discord and personal attacking going on. Yet being a leader does not mean we have to be in charge of any great movement but willing to be seen and heard when it matters most in determining the direction in which we could find a better way of life for everyone not just some.

I’m reminded of flocks of birds which trust their guidance systems and each take turns leading during migration.
Are we not all migrating right now … from being limited and enslaved beings to a place of inner sovereignty which cannot be taken away because it is the source of all creation.

Trust in the wind

In order to trust we must be in the moment…

the word “trust” refers to relying on someone or something for a future action
The dictionary defines trust as having a confident dependence on the character, ability, strength, or truth of someone or something.

In the next year of my life
may I make each moment one of trust

let me allow space between my thoughts

through which all answers to my questions may arise

In the next year of my life

I will withhold my quick judgment

of all actions which may appear before me

so that I may listen to a more truthful aspect of myself

In the next year of my life

I will seek others who are seeking out trust

from within the depths of their hearts

rather than the distorted memory of their minds

And in the next year as well

May I deepen my relationship with my true self

knowing that I cannot understand it

from a place of lack of trust.

Riverman 12.28.18