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Spirit of a Flower 2

As many of us get ready to celebrate Thanksgiving Day here in the United States, in these days of chaos and dissolution of what were once held as the foundations of Democracy, I feel an emptiness and falsity to it all.

This day evokes in many, that warm fuzzy feeling of what thankfulness is all about, while others are left in the cold and are embracing memories which are far from anything to be thankful about.

Around the world people are celebrating and perhaps like me questioning how do we not see the suffering we are creating through our false leadership and greedy ideals, which were not perhaps the intentions of those who first settled here to escape persecution.


I will celebrate with family members who are pillars in their communities and I will witness separation in so many ways that it will trigger my own feelings of separation rather than make me feel truly welcome.
The day will be polite and cordial and everyone knows what not to say to whom, including myself.
We will be thankful in many ways for all that we have and have achieved.
We will Bless each other and our food which will be the center of our gathering in abundance and well eaten.
A gathering it is, of Souls who are performing a ritual which could be so much more.

So when I saw this quote the other day by one of the original founders of the Findhorn Community, I saved it on my desktop and knew that it would bring something forth in me.
Especially as I recognized how much I feel, at times, that I communicate much better with flowers and nature than I do my fellow humans.


It has been this way since I was a child, as I saw the falsity in much of what was forced upon me and told to practice as traditions.
The Spirit was not there!
It was just another attempt at pretending the separation between us was not real.


We are much more than our traditions and culture have ever told us and it is time now to remember.
We are consciousness itself which is Communion – Communicating Unity
WE are now to embody this not as a ritual practice, but by living it fully and embracing each other in truth.
We are to manifest this reality now as flowers in the garden indeed, which are each unique in form and purpose, yet really work together as a whole, to produce an amazing array of well-being that flows freely and needs no celebration or remembrance.

For it is never forgotten.

Read these words again from a opened place in your hearts where you sit among the flowers without the everyday chaos that we collectively create and know how precious you truly are.

The spirit of a flower and the spirit of a human can commune in consciousness,
blend and find that one is the other, that there is a real fraternity
between each outward manifestation.
– Dorothy Maclean, co-founder of the Findhorn Foundation

I thank you… yes each one of you, for being the flowers everyday of my life experience here on Beautiful Mother Earth and may you each blossom fully into the Greatness of your Most Divine Presence.

Happy Thanksgiving Precious Ones
May Peace, Light and Love guide you to that deeper communion of thankfulness as a way of living.
Charlie Riverman Bergeron 11.22.17