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Source of Unconditional Love

Within all of life, there is a Source
within that source is true unconditional love
that cannot be bought, sold, or destroyed

The unseen treasure which initiates all creation
and replenishes all who may call upon it
within the sacred toroidal field of our heart

Unconditional Love is the magic we look for
in all our relationships and experiences
to bring forth harmony and balance within ourselves

Oh, how precious is this ethereal gemstone
that cannot ever be destroyed or imprisoned
for it is the true essence from which we came

To be here in form is so very challenging for many
yet when we surrender to Unconditional Love
we are set free from all distortion and negative influence

Then we rise as pillars of Light that shine brightly
for others to remember their own unconditional love
and dive deeper into the wonders and bliss of each other

Charlie Riverman Bergeron 4.21.22
Written for the Global Heart Team