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It is always a joy for me to be inspired and allow words to flow like the rivers upon which the Light dances. Especially, after a spell of dryness in which words were slow in coming and infrequent.

In Our Simplicity

I arose at 4:27AM after a dream which presented me with my fears of not trusting my own Higher Self abilities. One in which I had given advice to someone and felt I would be judged as a fool if it was not perfectly correct. The ego mind wanting to sabotage my trust in anything other than what it can rationalize through its process of calculation.

Now I truly know why I never fit into the school system when I was a child. Fighting it tooth and nail until I was literally thrown out for non attendance. Disinterested in their lies and rules which were always some form of separation and competition. My Spirit was not one to be controlled for sure.

And so this morning I was called to listen to a replay of a ‘Good Of The Whole Community’, Monday Resonance Call on YouTube, actually for the first time.

The deep and respectful silence between each person, as they were speaking from their hearts, released these words in me and so I wrote them down knowing that such a gift had be shared…

In our simplicity
we find ourselves
embracing all of life

Our complexity directs
that we become
something other than that

When we sit quietly
and listen to the silence
it becomes a renewal

A re-gathering of Self
which cannot be found
without each other

All our confusion
dissipates when seen
through a discerning heart

And each of us
begin to harmonize
at levels beyond words

cRb 2.13.18

It was nice to have the Silence which has always whispered to me, speak once again as I listened to others expressing from that part of themselves which is Sacred and Whole.

May we all return to trusting the inner silence which the ego mind has been trained to keep us from experiencing…
Where Truth and Love are not hidden but revealed.

Peace, Light and Love
Charlie Riverman 2.13.18