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The message of my talk this week was about truly listening to what we hear and maintaining the ability to receive what is for our highest benefit. Oh My!

Earlier in the week I posted this message I wrote in 2012 with a new energy spiral picture I created to emphasize that it is sometimes in the stillness that we receive deeper and more critical information as to who we are and where we are going.Sacred Wonder

Then coming closer to the show there appeared a constant stream of messages about listening and the need to focus more deeply on those that were of a Loving Nature vs the daily clamor of chaos expressing itself.

I even pulled 2 cards from a deck which read “Listen” and “Loving Words” and it set me thinking about how I seem to focus more on the hearing of Loving Words than deeply listening to them.
Oh my, even though consciously I choose to write and speak them to others for the purpose of their listening at deeper levels.

Yes we are all definitely to tune in a little deeper in all aspects of our attention and I get don’t get a free pass.

So as for the talk, I sometimes write notes just before I sign on Humanity Healing and I have to listen for the words to arise within me so that I can then reflect on them to get a deeper sense of what I might say.
Once again I realized that Listening was a much deeper process of Hearing and leads to a greater understanding of how we interact with all life.

My First Notes:

Hearing – noticing
Listening – active tuning
Observing – awareness
Harmonizing – calibrating

A brief internet search then found these words on an image…

Listenin’ & Hearin’

Appreciative Listening
– when you listen for enjoyment, music, nature..

Discriminative Listening
– focusing on one particular sound in a noisy environment

Empathic Listening
– being sensitive to what others say, feeling free to talk about anything without judgment

Critical Listening
– evaluate what is being heard and decide if it is logical or if the message has value

Thank you unknown source.

Show Up In Your Truth.jpg
And when I decided to listen to my own words  here is what came through as more of an affirmation of how to move from hearing to listening…

I will learn to differentiate between Hearing and Listening
and I will attune to all aspects of my Conscious Creator Self
without judgement or criticism

I will learn to flow with what are the deeper resonating tones
within my physical and mental vehicle
for all that harmonizes with My Soul

‘Source Of Unconditional Love’

I will surrender all attraction to that which does not
support the expansion of my Conscious Awareness
and Co-Creative Evolution

I will re-tune my abilities to discern noisy interference
from the clear Presence of Truth
and embrace and embody it fully.

Charlie Riverman

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