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This is not a topic I wished to speak about this week or any week for that matter.  Sometimes life has a way of showing us where we are hurting and asks us to do a little more than we have been doing to resolve it…

How can I not address my pure and honest grief over the shooting in Florida.
It isn’t all about guns or gun control but a larger dilemma that we are facing…
Failing all our children.

In the picture above I am holding a newborn baby which will face the world more consciously aware in a very short period of time.
As I hold him I feel the innocence of this beautiful little being,  wondering what his life will be like and who he will be in the human world he has just entered.

As I hold him he is loved and I know that on some level he is feeling that energy.

I will let you choose to listen to what I have to say and you may not agree with all of it but that is perfectly wonderful.
I am not trying to be right here, but expressing my own sense of frustration at the many times I have failed my own children, my inner child and other children by dismissing them as I pursued my own agenda of life.

As well as how many times as a child were we all pushed away when deep emotional distress was overwhelming us and we were only asking for some loving recognition or sense of self-worth.

Yes we need to LOVE MORE and not be intimidated to keep it hidden. Especially with our children, for all of us are their collective parents and they are screaming in pain for us to help them.

Please look in the mirror and see who all represent your inner child and the damages it still feels as an adult, then find a way to reach out to those children you see, that remind you of those moments when you were suffering and no one listened.

I Love You All and together We Will change the world.

Charlie Riverman Bergeron

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