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Apple Blossom Illusion

Well we have come to the end of another Month here on Earth and a potpourri of Thoughts and Words which urged to be put into print.
I sit now looking into the next phase of who and what I AM,  wondering what will be brought forth from the many dimensions of myself, that are now bubbling up through the density of deep genetic programming.

The old attachments to ownership and control are dissipating as we each recognize our personal impermanence as those energies begin to fade back into their powerlessness.
We are beginning to really express the truth which has been held captive far too long.

Please enjoy these brief glimpses which called to be written and may they connect perhaps some broken lines of free thinking within you.

Beyond In Silence

True embodiment of the Unconditional Love that you are is all that you need to be.
There are no shadows that can remain in that Light of Love, so face them and watch them become the darkness in which no fear can remain.
Your transformation into the True Divine Self is now at hand.

We are the only ones who feed the ego energy.
Whether we do it unconsciously or not it has no real power over the true self.
This ability of awareness is more and more a part of our human evolution as the ego returns (somewhat reluctantly) to its unique purpose of serving us rather than directing us.
The other day I stood and watched my darkest self, appear out of the energy of chaos and threaten me with all its power, only to at last realize that it had no power except that which I give to it.
Each of our personal transformations will bring forth exactly what we need to move beyond and leave behind.

May you Be – coming from the deepest resonance within your hearts
May you Be – the Truth and Love you truly are
May you Be – at Peace in the Light of All Understanding

Heart Hands Energy

In order for humanity to evolve, we must let go of beliefs that have held us in a loop of self-destruction.
As a male this message is about our beliefs around manhood which many of us are now seeing as the cause of most of our problems.
Listen and reflect on how you might be able to find the room in your hearts to forgive yourself for fearing the truth of your emotional dysfunction.

One must always remember that anything which is written by humans is filtered through the human mind. Therefore to believe that any story written by man may be an Absolute Truth is an infatuation of the ego.

The fact that we as humans have been killing each other over words of the Bible or any other Holy Book is a testimony of the ego which seeks only to defend itself.

The truth contained in these books reside as a metaphorical connection to your inner most Heart as a Source Of Unconditional Love. (SOUL)

The stories are the vehicles in which they are contained as much as our bodies are the containers for the truth of who we truly are.

So please understand that until we can openly express all facets of how we have become a race of beings that continues to subjugate each other and perpetrate heinous crimes against each other we will never be free from the fiction we created as a race of storytellers

The ability to rewrite every bit of information to accommodate a few has never been greater in our history and it is being done as we sit here.

We are all being called at this time to really take notice of every discrepancy within and without which raises a questionable doubt as to its veracity.

As this is a key to the lock which holds us captive from the truth of who and what we each are capable of. New generations are now here to carry out the process we have begun to more cohesive levels.

Those who cling to the old will only suffer at their own inability to see beyond what they are told and It will create much suffering among many.

Truth cannot be hidden forever as it is as much a Divine Living energy as Light and Sound and like those, it can be only manipulated or controlled.

So we begin to dispel the beliefs in what has been perverted and begin to restore the foundation of human life.


Each of us are alchemists and yes we have always been transforming our selves into gold on our best days…

We are the Children of the Sun whose golden reflection cannot be gathered, hoarded and hidden away in locked vaults.

We are here to shine forth as pure and divine energy that melts away the darkness.

We are the creators of all that does not resonate both within and without and it is time to return it all back into balance.

Our best days are here now.

To turn away takes courage because it is a surrender to that which is not ours to be a part of. Our true authority is to not battle within ourselves but submit to that powerful beingness which can no longer be enticed by the world that surrounds it by clearly identifying what no longer serves the unity of the whole.

Surrender takes courage and until we can truly recognize that it takes a greater inner strength we will never know what reality truly is and forever live in an illusion.

Always remember the word SOUL = Source Of Unconditional Love is what we truly are expressing in the Sacredness Of Unified Light

Peace – Light – Love – Energy
Charlie Riverman Bergeron