To know freedom is to know Nature. Living in harmony with Nature leads to peace, prosperity, knowledge, truth, action, and freedom. Nature reflects the order of the universe. Living in opposition to Nature leads to war, control, ignorance, fear, stagnation, and enslavement. -Rosanne Lindsay

I understand why people are fearful and demand the ability to defend themselves with powerful weapons.

This was ingrained in our culture at a time when we were revolutionaries and it was in order to defend ourselves from an oppressive form of government or dictatorship which was beyond tolerance.
How sad we have become, so warlike, when at one point in our evolution we were not warlike at all, but peaceful and that we actually chose to experience separation and manifested it.

Today we call it Freedom. Yet what it is in practice now is really a collective perspective of what Freedom actually means not True Freedom.

We misuse the term freedom when we describe our way of life here in the United Sates and around the world. We have sent thousands of innocent humans to death fighting over it, against those whose sense of sovereignty was as perverted as our sense of freedom. Many times just to maintain a false belief system, of who and what we are, rather than the True Free and Sovereign beings We All Are.

Now before your blood pressure increases please understand that we each have a right to agree or disagree as a part of Freedom.


Being free and sovereign was incorporated in the human genetic blueprint which was originally designed and initiated here on Planet Earth and which I like to refer to as The Garden of the Cosmos.

However as many will clearly see, something went haywire and we became misaligned. Slowly, over what we call time in the 3rd dimension, the corruption of both freedom and sovereignty both became a point of argument and contention. Especially when those who were our Elders chose power over others to be the confirmation which satisfied their enlarging egos.

I prefer to look at all of this as what we commonly call a dis-ease or maladaptive daydreaming if you will. How it began is a point of story choice and yet at some part of our journey we decided to separate from the wholeness or as we say today the Oneness.

Years ago I was asked a question during a meditation which I did not quite understand.
I met an Ancient Indigenous Elder who asked me…
“Do you remember when we chose to separate… and thought it would be fun?”
He looked into my soul and remembered me as one who had been there in that moment.

In that moment I knew that the killing and violence we create to rule in power over others was a part of this separation.

So here we are now arguing over gun control when in truth there can never be any real gun control as people will not give up their right to own them. However we can make some rational adjustments to who and how they are acquired.
And it is not too late to begin to change the reasons why we might need guns.


So we need to rise above this old mind of fear and control and choose to embrace less separation. Let’s take look at what we all are desiring for a stable and comfortable life without stepping on each other or abusing ourselves in any way.

We now speak about rights that were created by a group of people 200 years ago who just killed their own ancestors and created laws to defend their actions, perpetuating their self-righteous sovereignty into the future. Yet we have only moved forward along the timeline into a world where Artificial Intelligence is being groomed to take over human logic and people are being led like sheep to surrender their freedom and sovereignty to machines.

Does anyone really think that an AK?? is going to protect them from the minds of those who are already genetically reprogramming their food sources, destroying the value of their waters and creating recognition systems that will locate you and know who you are in spite of disguise just by the way you move.

Yet they continue agreeing to these posts on social media which exploit and record every detail of their face for Artificial Intelligence and their all their thoughts of anger and bullying as the AI creates and catalogues files which can be accessed faster than the human brain and without any compassion or rational discussion and can issue a terminate object command faster than I can type it.

AI Human Rights or a Step Towards AI Enslavement

People argue about their rights to not be governed yet are allowed to own a weapon that in a moment of rage or severe psychosis creates a field of destruction that reaches around the world in minutes.
I recently met someone who owns and defends his owning one of these weapons and target practice in the back yard is really most of his training.
I certainly don’t want to be near there or him when he has the gun if that is what training is.

I understand why people are fearful and demand the ability to defend themselves.
However let’s stop this consciousness which seeks to enforce rules of a world of 200 years ago and focus on this moment right now.

In finishing here I understand the gun owners issues but I also understand those of the parents, children and teachers as well and ask each of you to protect the children..
Let us all agree that children and schools should be protected from this terror of automatic weapons by developing a responsibly reasonable legislation for  gun ownership.

Do children need to be threatened with the fear of death to prepare them for the world in which they will live in the future as adults?


Blessings to you all as you each wrestle with this problem both personally and publicly but do not remain silent.

For me personally… I am reminded of another lifetime thousands of years ago when my own tribe had only tools and no weapons because we lived in peace and harmony with the land and each other.

I see how our consciousness changed and created what we all see around us now. We are amazingly powerful beings who have been seduced by our own abilities to the point of wanting to destroy it in order to be in charge of it all.

Charlie Riverman Bergeron