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Radiant Drop 7.5.20

Full Moon Rising through the clouds 7.4.2020 York, Maine

Can we bring ourselves to the Wind

to be lifted and carried into the future

where we are uplifted and then rained down

as the Full Presence of Love’s offerings


Each one of us a Droplet of Preciousness

that quenches the thirst of the barrenness

each brought forth by the misunderstandings

gathered for so long, along our collective journey


Our collective purpose of liquidity

is being to catalyze and transmute

every possibility in all of existent life

gathered upon and within this planet


We All Are here in this Only Moment

transforming within our molecular structure

and flowing deeper into our Divine Beingness

to meet ourselves and each other in Joy


Each droplet of Ever-evolving Wholeness

Blessing the World and each other

without interference or distortion

fully aware of Our Gift of Life to each other



Charlie Riverman Bergeron