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Good Morning my Dear Friends and Co-Creators…

It is always a journey into the Self which brings forth simplicity and this morning is no exception. Especially now in this current world of deep despair and unsettling trauma and it is important to find a way to free ourselves from it.

For many of us here who are expressing ourselves through social media, blogging or quietly creating from deep within our passionate hearts… We can get too serious sometimes and deeply forlorn.

I have been noticing how much I have been drawn to creating these facebook memes lately and actually amusing myself while placing positive messages into the minds which do not have time to read a long article.
Some are old messages I have received over the years from my guides and some come through in the moment from My heart-mind.

Our creativity is the greatest tool in resetting the positivity and higher conscious awareness which is so desperately needed in this Now.

So let us join hearts, hands and minds to inspire each other and embrace
the deeper unknown wisdom whose undercurrent is the primordial waters
in which we were birthed and to which we return when our journey completes
One Water – One Life – One Everything
with only momentary separation and limited access to All That We Are

And So…
I encourage each of us to play

Play with your Thoughts
Play with your Words
Play with your Art
Play with your Music

Play with every aspect of your amazing creative ability
knowing that in this dimension of Heart Resonance
you will tap into and release amazing energy waves
which ignite others to do the same
and harmonize all which is now in discord

Many Blessings
Let us be seen and heard and felt together