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Moon Rising 4.28.18

The title of my  Presence of Light Talk on Friday is some what reflected in this afternoon’s picture of the almost Full Moon rising. Although the clouds were diminishing the clarity of the Moon, She still brought forward an expression of both simplicity and beauty.

Inner Simplicity and Beauty Video
Inner Simplicity and Beauty MP3


I don’t know about anyone else but this week has been one in which I have been triggered and finding myself mulling over some unsettling parts of my past lives.

I refer to Past Lives in the plural as we are far more alive than we are taught in our human programming which focuses only on this present incarnation into physical form.
The memory of those other lives are stored within our DNA and influence many aspects of our present human experience from a place just outside of what we commonly term self consciousness.

Anyway the state of negativity we experience is certainly Stressfulness, which led me to think about the Inner Simplicity and Beauty We Truly Are.

Let us first remember that it is the Ego Self which suffers. This the self we have created in order to express and communicate in a world that is actually a construct around us.
We have been taught to think of it in many ways, most of  which have left us feeling abandoned and alone. It constantly reminds of something outside of our physicality in which we have to maintain a vigil of fearfulness.

Suffering is also all about the ego self and is a form of self-centeredness. So when we are hit with these waves of fear and negativity we begin a journey of criticism of our worthiness and a spiral of actions which are not only harmful to ourselves but others.

So the question for me was how to step in and out of this without applying labels of judgment which would affect my sense of worth and value.

Peace, Light and Love
First of all what my NDE taught me was that there is a Peace, Light and Love that is beyond the human minds capability to put in words or analyze through rhetoric.

There is a place (albeit not in physical form as we know it) where I Am recognized as being Whole and Complete, Loving and Wise and an Equal member of a Family of Light.

This is Our Inner Simplicity and Beauty… Our Divine Nature if you so choose.
It is a never-ending flow of Grace which has no opposition and which cannot be destroyed.

How often I wish I could be both there and here at the same time in every minute of my life. How different it would be if I could touch others and fill them with that Presence. For them to just feel it, if for only a moment.

No matter what causes my stressfulness here in the 3rd dimension I’m constantly reminded of an order and balance that is reachable if I go within myself and regenerate the Beauty of All that can Be in order to stabilize.

My message for each of you is that you also have that ability. Even though you may not think it is possible with all the stress and challenges you may be facing.

Find some time to pull back from the front lines of the world and deepen your relationship with the Beautiful Being You Truly Are.  Allow yourself to find a quiet and contended place

Of course, in our human condition we stumble, we fall, we make a mess of things, and we get hurt and betrayed, so we have to pick ourselves up again and again in order to love again and again. Our struggles, challenges, and wrestlings throughout life are the grist for the spiritual mill that guides our evolutionary growth. When we open ourselves to the highest love and allow ourselves to be broken by love, we come into a greater place of wholeness and ultimately union with God.

Cynthia Brix: “The meaning of life is to remember who we are, and to live from the depths of our true being—including who we are in relation to each other and in relation to God (or the Beloved, the Divine Feminine/Masculine, or ultimate reality, whatever name you choose).  This is an I-We-Thou reciprocal relationship.

From childhood I have known from the deepest part of myself –– at a soul level –– that the meaning of life is this reciprocal relationship based in unconditional love, and that the ultimate way to realize this highest love is through selfless service in the world.

We are born from love and we die back into love. The moments in-between create our life journey and the opportunity to learn how to be with love, be in love, BE love itself. Through loving, compassionate relationship with ourselves, other humans, and non-humans we begin to discover who we are, and to realize that we are not separate from the Beloved – from God.”

A Course In Miracles Chapter 10: The Idols Of Sickness
3. God does not change His Mind about you, for He is not uncertain of Himself. And what He knows can be known, because He does not know it only for Himself. He created you for Himself, but He gave you the power to create for yourself so you would be like Him. That is why your mind is holy.