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Cider Hill Creek
Cider Hill Creek in York, Maine

My Reflection of Light Talk on Humanity Healing Facebook Live is at 10AM EST every Friday morning and this one is from 4.20.18
They are what I receive and give away to help us all tune in deeper to our greater Self.
Joy… An Expression of Trust Video

Joy… An Expression of Trust Audio MP3

As I awoke this morning at 4:52 AM I could hear the wind chimes and the birds were singing.
How sweet to hear them both expressing their own experience of being here on this planet we call Earth.

I was thinking of their honesty and lack of fear to be heard, as most of life was still sleeping. Then of course there is Lenny our cat which is very vocal and who decided to call out as if hoping that someone of his own species would answer.

All trusting themselves and expressing the Joy of relationship… the Wind, The Birds and the Cat.

Joy is really based on Trust
WE are all here to be seen and heard.

We are all desiring intimacy with our inner self.

Each of us trying to achieve this by communication with others.

We are always seeking Self.

Trust is the key to expressing Joy

We don’t trust ourselves first in order to experience True Joy

We have to desire to express our Goodness… Our Divine Self
Each of us are so fearful
coming from a lack of self-trust
And beneath all that fear lies our Joy
Ready to be seen and felt and heard

Where does Joy live within you
can you find it and bring it forth
quietly search for it
Asking that it be revealed to your conscious mind