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The Inclusivity of the Personal Heart

Our hearts do not create a judgment
it is our minds that manifest it
based on positive or negative energies

Our minds have been trained to assume
that all negative emotions are bad
yet many times, they may save our lives

All of us are capable of seeing and feeling
both of those aspects simultaneously
before we choose one or the other.

A split second of judgment

Holds us in a circle of criticizing
and reacting to each other
in very harmful ways

Let us pause and think
before we criticize
humans and their behaviors

Let us look deeper into
what their hearts might be feeling
without judging them

The most heinous actions of humanity
come from the repetition of hidden emotional pain
and a deep inner sense of hopelessness or guilt

Let us become more aware
of where our rising pain came from
and allow our hearts to begin healing

Let us carefully and slowly
offer forgiveness to ourselves
and then focus it outward to those,
we may have intensely held accountable

Sending Love and Compassion
to assist in the healing of their Hearts


Charlie Riverman Bergeron 5.19.22
Written for the Global Heart Team