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Ever So Sweetly.jpg

This photo art and poem is a loving creation stemming from a Water Blessing I did with two Dear Sisters on August 11, 2018 which was a Sacred Journey for all of us.

It had begun a month prior when water was gathered at the Source of a river here in Maine and on this New Moon/ Solar Eclipse day we returned it to the Ocean.

During this time the water was held in Sacredness and was imbued with the energies of the rising Sun and Moon each day as well as much Love and Gratitude.

And so it had traveled without being affected by any of the changes that were done by humanity to the river over hundreds or thousands of years.

I ask that each of you who read this begin to deepen your relationship with Water and truly understand that it is not a commodity it is a part of your human body without which you will not live.

Many Blessings to Each of You
Charlie Riverman Bergeron