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Oak Tree Swing

Sometimes we need to step back a bit and just allow life to flow without a struggle.
When we do it may appear as if everything just appears in an order that is designed specifically for us.

This Friday morning between the 8:8 Stargate and the 8:11 New Moon/Solar Eclipse was one of those days where I just allowed the Universe to speak to me.
Mostly because of the weeks energies which were very erratic and destructive to my computers and communications media. Honestly, I was numbed on so many levels by the interference that I really was at a loss for words that would be uplifting or inspiring.

So shortly after surrendering, the following show notes began to appear and a talk was born.

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Oprah Winfrey – Grace – Unchanging Constant Kindness of the Universe

Anne Lamott  – I do not at all understand the mystery of grace – only that it meets us where we are but does not leave us where it found us.

The Grace of Source is constantly flowing.
It has no agenda or preference.
Each of us are a part of Grace whether or not we feel or sense it.
It is the support system for all life
from which everything emerges and is beneficent. (unknown)


~ Voice of the Oneness ~ Day 6

When the cobwebs of night are washed away, 
and the sight of the new is visible to
your inner eyes,
then joy shall arise and all darkness vanish,

for your heart shall know that the time 
of emergence is here,
and that all of life is gathering to celebrate.

Julie of lightomega.org


Sometimes we must be strong and hold true whilst all around us seems to be shifting and changing. The yellow tiger mother, Kuan Yin in her guardian role, is roaring or divine sound within you. She asks you to hear her, to remember that you are a powerful being of light and even whilst you are in flow with universal forces, your strong roots help you be at peace with your truth, standing your ground whilst your light shines true.

In our surrender to divine forces, there are times when we must be flexible in flow and then there are times when the surrender is into holding strong and being true to our inner knowing there are truths that we know are worthy of the effort to grow strong enough to honor them in our lives, these are the truths of kindness, compassion, the right of each individual being to be spiritually free and loved and more. The yellow tiger mother sounds her roaring note within you. She is a fierce protective tigress and yellow is her golden strength and wisdom. She urges you to listen for her sound within and trust yourself – you know when you need to stand your ground and not be swayed!

You are more powerful, strong and courageous then you realize. Your strength is not stubbornness a resistance, it is holding firm to what you feel in your heart to be true and in time, you will come to realize the wisdom of your courage. Your strength at this time is needed, like a protective shield, providing nurturing to a young plant, your strength and refusal to be dissuaded from your truths helps your dreams and higher pass continue to manifest. Allow yourself to hear the tiger mother as she gives you with power, strength and knowing. Be brave and stay true to yourself, beloved.

(Transforming old dreams allows you to begin to live within the new sacred one) paraphrasing Alberto Villoldo…

Last But Not Least …

“Each sacred moment builds upon each other, connecting and strengthening our new collective experience in order that We may catch all of the abundance entering into this field of heart resonance.” ~ Riverman