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10.11.12 poem

Sometimes it is just about remembering…

I ran across this writing and piece of museography this morning and saw a thread of three timelines.

2012 when I first brought through the beautiful  words which created a numerical sequence of 10/11/12

2015 when I added it to the photograph of the bee who was very busy at work and demonstrating its divine purpose.

Now it is 2018 creating a sequence of 3 times it has been posted over 9 years, each time 3 years apart.

I love the synchronicity and flow of this, as I was told when I began my new life journey 27 years ago, that this was a language which I was to look for in all things.

So today this message reminds me to tell each of you how this process of re-balancing the energies we are moving through collectively… is really happening .

Time is not what we think it is, nor are we, what we think we are.

Yet the bee which continues to follow its purpose it is showing us that we are a all part of a much longer path which spirals until it comes full circle and then rises up to another level.

May each of you begin to see and feel the larger spiraling which cannot be seen but is felt within our hearts.

The Queen Bee or Divine Feminine Energy is holding us all together and without it we will not survive.

So, let us now all gather around the Queen in service and gratitude for the benefit of all.
Lest, if the colony doesn’t have a queen, it’s doomed.

The collective energy of Women is the Queen lest us stop and remember.