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Light On Water

How Sweet are the Golden Rays that We are being offered everyday. Even in the midst of great chaos and isolation.

As you can see in this photograph there is a gentle pool just beyond the turmoil of a swiftly flowing river. A place where each of us can find rest and solace.

The larger question is how do We get there…

Do we forge across the swift and cold waters and jagged rocks, risking life and limb, seeking refuge from all that disturbs us?

Do we remain where we are and embrace the Light which instills a peaceful resonance within our hearts?

Or perhaps we could come to an inner realization that everything is temporarily allowing the patterns of Life to be revealed. That it is not about where we are but how we choose to interpret what is happening around us and it’s effect within us.

Our remaining in place within our Heart and allowing all of the external energies to not linger within our minds, creates an awareness that cannot at times be put into words.

Words are not available many times to give the mind comfort or encouragement, yet within our Heart is the resonance which recognizes our distress and will gently remind us, that within each of us is a Pillar of Light which cannot be distorted or misused.

It is this Inner Light that is connected to Our Divine Light and which is Our Core Beingness.

It cannot be destroyed or controlled. Yet, for thousands of years it has been suppressed and covered by the negative energies of those who seek to manipulate Our Sovereign Self through illusion.

Every New Moment is an opportunity to release all that no longer serves us and allow it to be cleansed by the Light and swiftly flushed downstream.

Let us begin to choose anew, to co-create an alliance and causal connection for all of Humanity to diminish the fear that has been seeded into our collective mind.

I urge You All to remember the Power and Grace within you that resonates with the Light in this photograph… and May You Be Blessed beyond your perceived limitations.

Charlie Riverman Bergeron 3.29.20