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As I tapped into the title of today’s conversation, the question which arose for me is, “How are we to add to the Light of the World if we are only humans?”

Note the word “only” and feel how limiting that is.

Next start to remember or imagine that we are much more than we have been taught we are.

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As I began my talk I was distracted by a message from facebook that I had never seen before and which left me wondering if I was live or had been disconnected. So I spliced the two sections into one and the sound quality of the second part is a bit weaker due my headset microphone not getting connected.

All in all I found that I wasn’t unduly upset about it and that I just did the best I could to not forget… the important part was to speak about Light.

So even when things go awry or you are faced with chaos the message is always about … bringing Our Light through as best we can.


The most familiar phrase is from Jesus in the New Testament of the Bible…
“I am the light of the world. Whoever follows me will never walk in darkness, but will have the light of life.”

The next time he claims His Light is at the healing of the man who was blind from birth…
“When I am in the world, I am the Light of the World.”

In Hinduism
light symbolizes Brahman, the eye, the individual Self, gods, divinity, purity, supreme bliss, divine power, divine quality.

is a religion constructed out of pure positive white light.

In Judaism
Then God commanded “Let there be light” – and light appeared. God was pleased with what he saw. Then he separated light from darkness to make Day and Night.’

Light is fundamental to Judaism as a sign of God’s spirit and guiding force.The light represents hope and joy.

I will there be Light

With Gratitude to Unkown Photographer

Let’s Begin to imagine the All the possibilities…

Blessings to you all as we Shine brightly