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Trust In Our Seeking

I am a seeker of wisdom and truth beyond all that is seen.
I rely on Source to guide me with love and wisdom
I know I can trust this Divine wisdom
So I open my heart and reach out to become One with God, Spirit and the Universe.

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Blossoms Of Sky Dancer – Kuan Yin Oracle

“Kuan Yin dances creative energy and light across the sky, causing blossoms to descend. In the same way, when we tap into our spiritual power of creation, we cause our life and all of life around us, to bloom. Creation is a natural spiritual power within you, beloved. Force can slow down the process. It is time to stop striving and to allow your manifestations to occur. Trust, let go, allow your creation to flow.



…”The Divine mother wishes that those who are meant to feed others be well fed too!

Your devotion to helping others has the effect of squeezing the cosmic heart chakra of the Divine Mother. From her heart drips nectar, sweet , sustaining, life-affirming energy that feeds you and allows you to nourish many Souls. Like a sacred chalice that overflows, when you are full, well and vital, the feeding of others happens effortlessly. You are guided to be fed now, fed with the Divine Nectar from the Heart of the Mother.Trust implies acceptance of goodness and absence of fear.

It is a critical element of faith… which goes much deeper into our hearts

Trust can become damaged through betrayal however it leads us to faith in which the Soul level of our existence is activated”…

Unfortunately I’m not sure where the above writing came from as I forgot to write the source down. Perhaps I mentioned it in the talk???

And so from My Heart you have the following…

DO what you can 

WITH what you have

WHERE you are