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strange changes within us all

We are now in the midst of Changes. Which of course you are all aware of.
The interesting part of this is that our connection to each other is rapidly changing frequencies which creates temporary imbalances.

change your mind

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By our shift to Living from the Heart We overcome our sense of disconnection and view the mind as the source of separation – Riverman


Show Notes…
Wondrous Spirit I Am
A fractal reflection of Divinity
Divine consciousness unfolding

Change (read card)….
(Sacred Space Meditation Cards – Elinor Von Linden)

Change is a permanent law of the Universe.

I am blessed by Source to make my change for the better.


I see myself as a work in progress.

I accept Divine help in all areas of my life.

God is the guardian of my soul.

I am guided and empowered as I act for my higher good.

I will re-create a new day and focus on a new dream.

As I change my mind, I am then able to change my life.


Much Peace, Light and Love to you all