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Hello everyone it has been a very interesting couple of weeks but I finally got to post the latest video from my Friday morning talk.
It is beginning to feel a bit more natural as I allow myself to let go of all expectations.

How interesting it is though to take this time to just speak from my heart and allow the candid self-exposure weave itself into the messages of the week’s energy.

As an advocate for others to stand up and express themselves I have always hidden behind my words and now find that being seen as well as heard is very important.

We can tell a lot more from watching others and how they deliver their messages.
Many are very upbeat and confident, well-organized as if trained as orators.
Others like myself are new at this and are trying to find that comfort zone.

Usually I talk on the phone for hours or a social medium where a face to face connection can be made. Having done radio talk shows for years it was easy to just close my eyes and speak from the heart without distractions.

However now as a messenger that did not anticipate or plan to be seen and heard by thousands it a challenge to look at the camera as it feels impersonal and I hope my messages are truly seen as from the Heart and are finding something to resonate with.

Please remember that just like Dr Emoto’s Blessing for the Water…
I love you, I thank you, I respect you