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Peace and Wholeness


So as We gather here today let us take a few moments to breath softly…
Let’s bring ourselves into an even and gentle rhythm of breathing.

Let us just think these words and direct them to ourselves:
I love you, I thank you, I respect you, sending that energy deep into our hearts.

The first card I chose today was from …
Life Cards by Rev Susan Collins


Whole… We are created by our interactions

Separated… Every cycle has a time for rest.

We belong to tribes and tribes create communities. Sharing our lives helps give them meaning and creates a legacy. Times of separation are a time for quiet, not the end of the cycle.

This card reminds us that in the world of duality there needs to be a balance… and that separation can be a positive space if it is created with the intention to rest and regain self-awareness. So that when we regather with our tribes they will be filled with peaceful intentions and actions for the blessing of all life around us.

The second card was from
Sacred Space Meditation Cards by Elinor Von Linden

I am at peace with myself, and I know that a powerful presence is working through me.

As I experience vibrations from Source, I am in a state of acceptance.

Peace is that subtle calm energy that vibrates within.

I am quiet and still everyday and listen to the voice of my Higher Power.

The world around right now us is becoming unbearable in so many ways that it is a challenge some days to feel connected to each other or Mother Earth, for that matter.

WE many times, arise reluctantly and move into our daily routines without acknowledging gratitude or expressing joyous wonder.

(As I wrote those words I laughed and thought “what a precious gift Joyous Wonder would be if we could just bundle it as a gift and give it away without judgment”)

They reminded me of the first message I read from a friend who is an Indigenous Grandmother visiting and sharing wisdom in NZ this morning which contained pictures of Water, Trees and Family with these messages…

View above Big Bay Villages
Fresh Water River comes to the Ocean
Tree of Life
Grandmother, daughters and grandchildren

What a perfect definition of Joyous Wonder which can only come from a Heart that can be at Peace and feel Wholeness.

It reminded me that each of us are responsible for our own Peace and Wholeness and We Are far more capable of bringing it through when we shift our whole process of living, from our heads to our hearts, and let go of old fears of who we think we are and accept who We Truly Are.


It is then that WE recognize our lives are changing because our energetic vibration is changing and We can no longer be held prisoner any more.

The Freedom of our Souls is our most important mission right now and We are being assisted by so many brilliant Beings of Light who are walking among us so look for them and invite them into your life.
While the struggle appears to continue it becomes the illusion that no longer has any power over you because you have chosen to honor yourself and you recognize how beautiful you truly are.
So the last message was from the…
Kuan Yin Oracle Deck by Alana Fairchild


You have won a victory beloved, a victory over the past and the Amaryllis Lute is sounding through every cell of your being, heralding your rising vibration as you leave fear behind you once again.

In fact the Lute says you are growing fast and spiritually, you are outgrowing your old life even more so.

When your vibration changes, so too does your old life, beloved. This is natural.

It is safe and loving for you to release that which no longer feels right for you, no matter how much was important in your old life, it might not have the same place on your new life

May each of you be feel encouraged to honor yourselves as We embrace each other in the NOW with Peace and Wholeness and move forward together in Unity and Balance.

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Charlie Riverman Bergeron 7.19.19