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Wanting - Not Present

An interesting word arose this morning as I looked through the past week and how my emotional level had many peaks and valleys.


Definition of “wanting”

Not present or evident – absent

Lacking ability or capacity – deficient

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An interesting word as I looked through the past week and saw how my emotional level had way too many peaks and valleys.
Of course in every week, we have many issues where our trust of self and the expression of that, has an opportunity to leave us questioning.

The word “wanting”  rolls out of that scanning and my first question was, Is it wanting in the sense of or meaning of desire?” And if so, “Was it about desiring something and not receiving it?”

Then I looked deeper into what was happening over the past week and recognized that many of my conversations with people were about loss. The loss of a loved one, the loss of abilities, the loss of hope as well as their sustainability.

These are such very interesting and trying times in our human evolutionary process.
We are being challenged by none other than our Higher Selves to be free of this “wanting”.

So let’s look at what we have been going through recently…

Each of us are facing the patterns and traumas of our lifetime and are finding it no longer easy to keep stuffing them back into what I love to call Pandora’s box.

Yes all of these little evils or moments when we lived backwards (evil is live spelled backwards) or were forced to suppress our living in an unending progression are seeking release.

In our hearts we want to let them all be free, to release them with forgiveness.

Yet the painful remembrance keeps us in a loop that seems unchangeable as well as unforgivable.

Common sense

So first we need to understand that this little Pandora’s box that holds all of these energies lies deep within the marrow of our bones on a cellular level.

That this is the root cause of our wanting.

Is keeping us from fully seeing and actualizing our True Self.

It creates the illusion that we are not being seen or heard for who ‘WE TRULY ARE’ and fearful of what others might think if we were seen in that amazing energetic presence.

When we can begin to understand on a deeper level that everything that has happened to us is not us who we are but a memory of what happened to us we are able to undo and free ourselves from this feeling of “wanting”.

So how do we do this?

First let us just drop into a quiet place of stillness, right here right now.

Take a moment to close your eyes and soften your breath.

Allow yourself to feel your physical body.
Feel your breathing, feel your heart beat, feel the places of your bodies holding pain or uncomfortable emotions.

Begin to recognize that physical body you are observing. This is your mind which observes, records, and organizes all of your bodily functions.

Now focus on the top of your head and look for a point of space where your hands would come together above your head.

This point is where the True you begins… this is Ground Zero for who you Truly Are.

Feel the difference of that energy there and notice it in comparison to the energy below it in your body.

Move your thinking mind to the surface of mother earth beneath your feet and think of the energy below your feet and what that feels like.

Slowly bring yourself back into your everyday awareness.

Welcome back!

That experience we just went on is common throughout all teachings of our multi-dimensionality. It is a key to our freedom from wanting.
At the lower level below our feet mother Earth operates on its own accord in spite of all that we do on her surface.

At the higher level above us there is a sense of vast openness perhaps you might have seen some white light or even felt lighter as in  less dense.

Most of those moments were recorded in the brain which was stuck here in the middle and if we think about it, we begin to realize that there was no wanting, there was just experiencing.

So I want you to think about that this week, I want you to think about experiencing in the moment.

Give that mind of ours something to play with, a question.
The question is…”What would life be like if you decided to help me open and release…
all of my thoughts about pain and suffering.

Charlie Riverman Bergeron 4.12.19