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Gratitude and Inner Peace

Gratitude and Inner Peace 7.12.19

Humans have created a world of fear in order to control large groups of people from a distance.
Not the Creator of Humans!
So in order to return to our more natural state of collective consciousness we have to seek and embrace Gratitude and Inner Peace.

Let us begin today and perhaps every day with a simple thought…
It is My Divine Purpose to cast out fear, so that I may live in Balance and Harmony.

Breathing into that statement say it out loud…
It is My Divine Purpose to cast out fear, so that I may live in Balance and Harmony.

Gratitude and Inner Peace flows without restriction when there is Balance and Harmony in our lives.

Many of us have lost the memory of what that feels like. Yet it has only been buried beneath hundreds of years of forced separation, so that some could rule and others follow.

Many of you are experiencing some sense of awakening right now and it is at times, very frightening…
partly because your family, friends or loved ones do not understand what you may be experiencing and so your relationships have become more challenging.

Just remember that there is nothing wrong with you other than your seeking your True Self which naturally dwells in a state of Gratitude and Inner Peace.

When I died 27 years ago I had no form or body… only an awareness.
The first awareness was Light
the second was Love
the third being Peace
out of which Gratitude for Life and being a Human became my most precious gift when I returned into this body.

SO if We are to remember what it is like to truly co-create and live in Balance and Harmony we must come to that River of Life with our Hearts resonating Inner Peace and Gratitude.

Make it your priority and main focus, no matter what is happening to you.
I know it is not easy and you may fail many times but it is like re-learning how to walk or eat after a devastating injury.

That is what has happened… We have been severely wounded, yet…
We have the innate ability to heal ourselves beyond our human understanding.

We can do this by remembering how amazing Planet Earth is, that it is filled with so much life and abundance and was created for all of us equally…
not just a few who tell us we are not able to make decisions for ourselves.

Let Us Deepen into Our Amazingness…
As We Flow Within The Rising Love Of Our Opened Hearts

– Riverman

One day all wordly desire, all criticisms, all judgments, will dissolve in Wisdom’s strong light, and all Life’s upwelling springs will be renewed.
In this time many glorious visions will greet your sight. Love will in all her beauty once more repeat her sacred vows and Truth will smile on you. – Azrael

Life Cards – Rev Susan Collins

Accept – Resist
Aligning with our root Chakra – Physical Survival

Things come into our lives and they can enhance or disrupt our paths. Think about what is useful now and sidestep or ignore distractions.

Sacred Space Meditation Cards – Elinor Von Linden

Gifts of the Spirit
I live in harmony and love.

I open my life to the All Powerful

Soul Inspirations Message Cards – Kahliya
Devoted to the path

I walk between worlds
I nurture my fragility

as I know my ability

to see through the veil

I hold onto the vision

I am on a mission
Up towards the light

I shall revolve
for my Soul is here to evolve

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Charlie Riverman Bergeron 7.12.19