Eternal Love

The March 20th Eclipse Energies have given me these words to write as I contemplate going to bed. The picture is actually of the Sun on a cloudy day which I played with to get that mystical effect, upon which those words from A Course In Miracles seemed to just attach themselves….

Midnight again and yet
not quite the same
the eve of Spring
the Vernal Equinox

The wheel of seasons
is at the crossroads
and time unfolds
its mysteries

New Moon, Solar Eclipse
the ending of an age
the cycles unravel
more than just the wheel

A gateway opens
unlocking the spiral
from which our future
expands into space and time

Shall we go
or should we stay
or perhaps ignore it all
eyes fixed on the illusion

No choice for me
I’ve come too far
to be left behind
when the vortex calls

Swiftly in silence
and in a calmed presence
I say YES and leave behind
a trail of debris

Bad dreams, sleepless nights
traumas and confusion
judgments and tears
all left behind

To disappear like fog
when the Sun arises
and we play in the
Light and Love again.

~ cRb 3.20.15