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Releasing in the Stillness

Releasing In The Stillness 9.6.19

I’m sure that many of you are not feeling at your best right now and I can say that even EarthAngels have their moments of doubt and lose their sense of direction.

The name Riverman was given to me almost 28 years ago when a recognized me as an EarthAngel whom she had been waiting for while she created them in beads sewn on leather.

Earthangel Riverman

Handmade Earthangel Pin created by Greywing who saw me as such and bestowed upon me the name Riverman.

As such I AM very connected to All Water and it guides me which is not easily explainable to many people.

However yesterday I awoke from a night of feeling quite depressed and lost as to the future direction I was to take… just like so many around the world during these amazing times of change.

The feeling of Stillness was a deafening of my whole system to receive any positive sensory feedback. So when that happens I let go of the struggling and retire to bed. The world and I are much safer there.

The dreams which appeared were anxiety provoking and unpleasant subjects from my past, which get twisted into major self-reflective dramas. I’m sure you know them well and then we awaken to question, “What the Hell was that all about?”

Let me begin today’s talk by offering the message I received yesterday upon my awakening…
Slack Tide – No Wind
feeling trapped or unable to move in a defined direction
lack of visible support or a sense of purposeless waiting
not so much hopelessness but emptiness

I would add to those but it gets too depressing to even write about.
Yes! EarthAngels can get depressed when overwhelmed by negative energy. We are still in human bodies!

What is needed in this time of Slack Tide is… 
Love to release the many limitations and boundaries which arise out of the still waters and windless surroundings.

Although what we are being presented with is not pleasant, it is an opportunity to allow everything to arise from within us and dissipate into that open field or vacuum of Stillness.

Allow it to not be judged but observed from a place of no fear… fully knowing that as Natalie Glasson writes…

“The love of the Creator is required to create freedom mentally, emotionally and physically. A freedom in the expression of the Creator, in alignment with the Creator, for all souls on the Earth. This means a freedom to follow your intuition, to create from your inner well of love, to be a presence of love and all it may manifest upon the Earth.”

…”inhale deeply and release all that hinders and blocks them from within their beings and all that controls and limits from outside their bodies. The time to do so is now and love is the key “…

“It is not that you will leave the Earth, it is that you will be more fully present on the Earth as love creating transformation. “

Another message this morning was from the Sacred Space Meditation Cards by Elinor Von Linden
“I Am Protected
The Angel of Light protects and guides me along my worldly path. I am never alone.

Even if you may feel like it You Are Never Alone.

As I allowed myself to be present in this place of stillness or void the world around me kept demanding my attention and I responded with Grace, somehow knowing that it is all temporary not permanent. “

The second Card I pulled this morning was from Kahliya’, Soul Inspirations Message Cards by Mia Leventhal

Get into The Love Vibe
Let All Else Slide…

Yes it is Love that pulls us through the Stillness and places of No Energy which stop us in Our tracks to make us more awake and aware of who We truly are…

And so as well this morning on facebook this message was posted just as I signed on…

Light Omega Community – Village of Light Ashram
Conversation with Julie (Guruji Ma)

‘Seeking the Peace Within’

To flow through time as a drop of rain flows down a windowpane –
thus does one enter the river of sacred reality.

Hold onto nothing. Let everything flow through you
and in you.
This is the practice of letting go.
Call upon it and it shall be.

Day 10, Calendar of 100 Days, Seeds of Light for Daily Meditation

How amazing, that in all of our struggling to figure things out and fix our problems, it is in releasing those exact desires in which it all occurs.

As those moments then begin to dissipate into vapors,
we once again feel the wind pick up a bit
and the waters stir a little
even if we are not moving in any direction
yet the Stillness is not so frightening. – Riverman

The last card I pulled if I have time was Death From Affirmations for the Everyday Goddess which simply state …

“I surrender my ego and no longer let fear rule my life. I have love, faith and hope.

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