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Spiritual Guidance Full Moon 9.13.19

Spiritual Guidance Today as Friday the 13th and the Full Moon Rising has me pulling cards which are speaking to both darkness and light.

Perhaps this is really where we are most centered and able to see both sides a little more clearly, if we don’t surrender to fear.
My first thought of a subject today was Fearlessness and I couldn’t deepen into it as I began to listen within and type out my show notes.
Sooo… with that thought ending here is what began.
Our thought patterns have been distorted by hundreds of years of training to be led by others who appear to be in power.

Yet when we look around us we see many people who are just as bewildered as we are but professing to be of great wisdom or power.
Fortunately for many of us, ‘This’ is what we are really Awakening to right now…
I was reminded of a game I used to love at the beach when I was a young boy … Fool The Guesser.

As I look around me now I see how fooled I have been by so many who claim to have the right way or best solution.

The trick is that they make you believe that you won something, when you actually paid for it.
As children we see it as fun but as adults we are not so amused anymore and our level of Trust is diminished.

Not only in others but ourselves.
The price we are paying right now for listening to those who seek to “Fool Us” and count their profits… is too steep.

We are not listening anymore to Our Spiritual Guidance but continuing to put ourselves and future generations of children up as currency to be Fooled Again.
With that said how can we once again begin to trust our Spiritual Guidance?

Each of us are Spiritual Beings… whether you like that term or not.

Each of us have a genetic ability to tune in to other dimensions or energetic frequencies.

All of us will biologically respond to energy and create a physical action.

Let us all let go of the over analyzing, done with our minds which are now being trained to accept AI as reality.

Let us deepen our relationship within our Heart’s Greater ability and awareness, to discern what feels complete and trustworthy.

The live talk is slightly different with my carefree flow of words and card readings…
Looking for Spiritual Guidance I usually reach for a book or a deck of Oracle/Blessing cards, trusting that they will trigger something within me, to acknowledge that the guidance I’m looking for is not from my own thought patterns but a deeper spiritual connection to my Self… 
even a crystal bowl was invited into the talk. 

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Video Link @ Presence of Light – YouTube
Original Live Talk on Humanity Healing Facebook

Blessings to all and May your energies Rise Like the Full Moon.
Charlie Riverman