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Halfway between Winter and Spring we  have an opportunity to embrace the magic of our constantly unpredictable lives.

February 1st has always been a day of honoring Brigid as it was also my mother’s birthday.
Brigid’s name has been spelled in many different ways and Her story has many aspects which were rewritten throughout the many centuries of storytelling and changing authorities of human belief systems.

The story for me was always embodied through my Mother who could talk to animals, attract and read tea leaves for those who were going through confusing experiences and loved cooking in her iron skillet.

In many ways She was caught somewhere between Winter and Spring and was challenged by Summer and Autumn.

She was sent to America because her family of 10 siblings could not handle her energy as the youngest and most uncontrollable free spirit of them all. So at 18 years old she was sent off across the Atlantic to America and her oldest sisters in hopes they could control her visionary and amazing gifts.

They failed and in turn destroyed her with their misunderstanding of the Amazing Being She Truly Was. She was of the lineage of Brigid from ancient memories which were now denied in an industrialized world of personal emotional imprisonment.

So I too carry those Gene Codes and so have you carried Gene Codes of your Ancestors which have been depressed and held back under fear of criticism, beatings and shunning.

The Birch Tress above speak of a Life where the water flows and we gather in deep balance with our roots carrying life throughout every branch and leaf. To be seen among all others as a sign of  exceptional beauty and independence yet connected by our roots.

So these are my thoughts today as I embrace my Mother in respect and also my Great Great Great Grandmother Brigid of so long ago. Knowing full well her Presence is such an Honor to  Uphold

And with Her watching over my shoulder I wrote these words this morning as I read another version of who she is and why I honor my Mother for her struggle with this deep heart connection.

Let Us Embrace

Our Ancestral Energies

Diving into the Ether

From Which We All Emerged

Hail All the Elementals

Supporting Our Evolution

Blessing All that Passeth Away

To Be Renewed In Love and Light

Through Our Hearts Of Fire

And May They Burn Bright

In honor of my Mother born in Belfast 2.1.11

Charlie Riverman Bergeron