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Where Do We Go

Good Morning Everyone….
Here on the Southwest Coast of Maine of this auspicious day there is not any sight of a Rising Sun.
So the photo which I have posted before with other words has now been resurrected to serve as a lovely reminder that the Gateways of Heaven Are Open.

A new pattern of awakening to all the pain we may face has now become an old friend… that I would love to slap silly. Yet is a reminder of Big Changes.

What Kind?
How Many?
For How Long?
All are valid questions.
However when we are requiring the world around us all to inform us, WE are betrayed by information which separates everything into fragments of what is or can possibly be,

Our human tendency quickly becomes … Let’s mess with it.

I want You to play a little game with Me…

Let us take a deep inhaling breath, holding it for a few seconds and then slowly allowing it to leave without force.

The incoming breath was powerful… it felt empowering
The amount of time WE held it… allowed us to pause
And OUR exhale… was perhaps a little more gentle that you might have expected.

Repeating a breath pattern of this nature allows us to calm down and reflect
much differently on what is happening in our present lives.

Were We calm and quiet, feeling fine and looking forward to the exhale.
Or were We counting heartbeats and becoming more impatient or perhaps held back?

Where ‘WE Go From Here’ depends on what happened during that PAUSE.

The little message on the photo is a memo from your Guides
to take more moments in which you can reflect on your choices.

Not because it is not in alignment with you or something outside of you, or that other messages you may receive feel more important.
It is one in which you are being told that you are never alone nor forgotten.

As OUR JOURNEY continues from this place of uncertainty let us not be fearful but hopeful, even though the dark clouds will seduce us into watching them…

It is the Bright Light
that reminds us
of Our Truth
So remember that
there is so much
to be done
and YOU ARE ready.

Do Not feel hurried or feel that you may be falling behind…
You Are Right On Schedule