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Crossing The Threshold


A Beginning, an End or Both Simultaneously…

I pulled an interesting Kuan Yin Oracle Card this morning and it is very descriptive of where many of us are right now.
Be it physically, emotionally or spiritually, Our energies are carrying us forward through many unique challenges.

Kuan Yin Oracle #39 The Threshold by Alana Fairchild

At the Threshold you stand. Before you lies a way of being that is beyond fear. It is a sacred passing through a karmic veil into a new life of empowerment, peace, spiritual service to humanity and joy in your own Soul.”

You are embarking on a phase of deeper soul liberation, into freedom of love that triumphs over fear.”
We are really never ‘not moving’ out of our fear-based karmic stories because they are not just singular but collective as well. We share energy with everyone that we have ever met or have any kind of relationship with.
This continual process ebbs and flows continually and at certain points becomes overwhelming for everyone, at which time there is what I would call a massive reset of our heart resonance.

Here we are, reviewing our personal story and finding perhaps a large wall or block of dark energy which appears impenetrable or impassible by all of our old ways of healing or transformation.

Kuan Yin advises…
“Do not be disheartened by any old fears that are surfacing. You do not need to create a story out of them, you can just observe them with love and allow them to pass. It is just your inner Self releasing any vibration which is not aligned with unconditional love.”

The real message is about our taking care of our own inner business right now and calling upon our guides and teachers to assist us from turning away or feeling defeated by what is confronting us.

No matter what occurs, it cannot harm us any longer, as it is dissipating and vanishing more rapidly as time collapses around us and we are left with what appears to be only a Threshold and a Wall.

So We stand at a threshold which we have found without any doorway…

We can overcome it All as we call upon Divine Love, Divine Light and our I Am Presence that is shining more and more within our own hearts.

It is all about our Spiritual Transition and Divine Timing where we no longer use our forcefulness but our Love and Compassion to de-materialize all obstacles to

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