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Transcendant Knowing

Gathering now from within the Innermost levels of Self there is One Wave Rising that constantly reminds us to be Fully Present… No matter what may arise to challenge us.

Take that deep breath and dive into the Extra Ordinary which cannot be defined nor defiled.

Let go of all that holds you in old patterns which are no longer sustainable and know that everything has a timeline which will lead us back into Unity and Co-Creation.

If at first it feels uncomfortable then sit still within all the energies that arise to turn you away.
Know that this is a parade of the past which can no longer exist except by your choosing to not set all of it free.

Dear Ones… WE are far more precious than WE have ever imagined and awaiting the Light filled moment of Self Ignition as the True Collective Whole of Creation.

Charlie Riverman Bergeron 2.25.2020