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A New Dream Breaking Through


Every Storm
Brings with it a Hidden Gift
Sweeping out the worn out

Bringing us to a Fresh New Sprout
the clouds slowly disappear
A New Shining Sun is Near
Breaking through our old self restrictions
We Burst into Life
With New Vitality

And without Fear

~Mia Leventhal – from her Soul Inspirations Cards by Kahliya

Here we are in the midst of a storm which is unprecedented in the way we are responding to a virus.
Viruses are not new to humanity or Planet Earth for they are a natural part of the evolution of all life forms.

However this particular virus has brought into the human mind of its leaders a fear which plays out like a science fiction movie.
A movie in which everyone is quarantined and held captive in their own homes.

I do not say this without great compassion for all who are experiencing this virus, losing loved ones and/or living in limitation.

Yet as in the message above there is a message of a future where “We Burst into Life With New Vitality And Without Fear”

I ask you all to think about what that might look like for you…

What is coming up in your minds right now that you might feel regret about?
What is no longer acceptable within with your heart about your life path?
What changes are you willing to make in order to create more alignment with your Highest Self.

This is a time of deep self reflection and releasing not manifesting fearful thoughts.
Everybody is included and not to be judged, for it is an opportunity to see our beliefs and truly ask if they are still valid or were created to serve a dream we had about ourselves.

The Dream is ending and a re-awakening or New Dawn will arise out of all of this.

The New Dawn will present us with many challenges to let go of old habits and desires that we thought were important.

We will also be assisted by many Beings which we have been taught were not real or just folklore and fairy tales. Finding companionship now with the Elementals of Nature and working with Planetary Energies in ways that create more cohesiveness amongst all Life.

I pulled two of Kimberly Marooney’s Angel Blessings Cards which came out of the deck simultaneously… Communication and Joy

Communication – “Omgkanon… God’s Messenger who offers love and guidance as you progress on your way home.” Whose job is “often to part the veil of illusion and connect you with your Eternal Self.”

The message here is to seek the truth within you, and in all your relationships to discern what is true for your highest expression of Self.

The message here is to seek the truth within you, and in all your relationships to discern what is true for your highest expression of Self.

The second card Joy – “Ramaela… Joy is not something to be acquired. Like true happiness, lasting joy is your natural state and may only be found deep within. To feel joy is a spontaneous and contagious gift of grace. Catch it from a bubbling brook, the song of a bird or a radiant flower newly opened, and then pass it on to those you encounter during the day.”

Our expression of True Joy is powered by the Divine Light within us and as we share it with others we receive even more to share, which creates the Unification of our hearts and mind. So to, it creates the opportunity for Unity to be expressed as a Gift of Grace amongst us All.

One last message comes from the Kuan Yin Oracle Cards created by Alan Fairchild

Two cards again pulled simultaneously…
#44 Weave the Future Golden and #22 Princess of the Autumn Harvest

#44 is the last card of the deck and tells us that “Something good is coming your way! Kuan Yin urges you to weave your future into the present moment, to call in and draw to you the opportunities, teachings circumstances and synchronicities waiting for you, that will enable your Soul to live its divine destiny with greater abundance, bliss and creative fulfillment.”

#22 “The Princess of the Autumn Harvest brings gifts of bounty and bless for efforts and actions of the past. It is a time when the fruit of labor is ripe for picking. A beautiful blessing is on its way to you now.

So perhaps these messages are telling us that we have reached a point in our evolution where many of us will journey backwards, through all that no longer serves us personally or collectively, as the Hu-Man Children of this Solar System.

Many will continue along their path of destruction and that will be their freewill choice.
So my hope for you who tune in to these messages is to remain calm and take the time to deepen your relationship with your connection to the Natural Body of Our Earth Mother and know that, As We Sow… So Shall We Receive.

A Closing Reading… from The Still Voice – A White Eagle Book of Meditation

“Be still in mind and spirit, breathe gently and deeply, breathing in the stillness and peace which is from God. Let all the disquiets of the outer world fall away as you withdraw into the small while and gold temple within. On the altar of light, here in your innermost, burns the still white flame. Kneel before the flame, gaze upon it until you become the flame.

Its light fills your being and its radiance encompasses the whole earth…”

Blessings of Peace, Light and Love To All,

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Charlie Riverman Bergeron 3.27.20