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Yes this is an amazing time to be alive here on planet Earth. Each of us awakening to parts of our true self through the amazing shifting of energies which everyone took for granted for so many lifetimes.

There were not any show notes for this talk other than looking up the numerological frequencies and meanings which are dancing through the vibratory frequencies of this Friday the 13th.

SO let’s begin there and you can listen to the talk later on.

The number 7 has overtones of Spiritual Awakening and Collective Consciousness. It relates to our searching for Truth in regards to our Soul Purpose and Life Mission.
If you look at the energies of this whole month that you have been experiencing you will soon note the many different ways that this has been represented. Some are large and in your face but most are very subtle yet you might feel that sense of aha as they flitter through your field of awareness.

Then we have 13 that infamous bad boy of numbers where fear or darkness has become attached to it by many who do not want you to see your Truth and have even eliminated from common use in many ways.

SO when people seek to hide something we have remember that it holds great power and to deepen our understanding not just bury it under reams of stories.
13 is a compound number and a karmic number which for me personally has always held the promise of renewal.
It binds the number 1 and 3 together which represent optimism and enthusiasm with 1 being always about New Beginnings and 3 representing the Ascended Masters which guide us through the dimensional portals to experience life in form.

Yes we are more than we may think we are.

Now we have 713 in a line denoting the total energy of Divine Love and Guidance as a portal or opened gateway during the darkness of the New Moon and partial eclipse of the Sun to express how fully supported we are in even the moments of our lives which grow dim and hard to find our ways in.

Finally the number 11… the Master Number in which I saw each number 1 side by side representing the Divine Masculine and the Divine Feminine energies of Strength and Intuition.

The Masculine energy of Strength – which has been misused for so many generations that it is destroying Mother Earth as it choose to no longer respect humanity and seeks artificially created forms of life. Be it through tampering with genetics or just plain greed and destruction of Elements which support all living forms.

The Feminine energy of Intuition – which has been threatened and denied by so many that the lives of women throughout these same generations have been taken in heinous ways of torture in order to keep them silent. So as not to reveal the truth of how life should flow forth from the waters of the womb in both Sovereignty and Grace. Allowing for the rules and regulations of life and death to be implanted in total disrespect for Humanity itself.

So today let us honor the Divine Masculine and Divine Feminine that flows forth into each of us. Allowing it to equally balance within us and work in complete integrity for the most benevolent aspects of all living forms.

Be the 11 and marry your Intuition with your Strength. Allowing them to gain in Light as the orbits of our planets bring forth the Children of Light within us to once again swim in clean waters out of which were given access and permission to be here.

All my talks as well as my writings are transmission from My Heart so feel free to discern for yourself what is appropriate for you.
However please know and feel these simple words of Dr Emoto blessing the water within you…
I Love You – I Thank You – I Respect You

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