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Releasing Aggravation - Entering Into Oneness

Releasing Aggravation – Entering Into Oneness

The times and circumstances that we are now moving through reminded me this morning of the word aggravation.

Those moments in our lives where we are feeling raw, uncertain and our energies can be very scattered.

I had to stop as I awoke this morning to re-calibrate the thoughts that were generated during the night’s dreaming.

Of course, this has been a powerful Full Moon which embraces the Birth of Buddha and offers us a moment in our lives to question Our True Purpose.

The questioning in the empty space that follows awakening became for me the trigger point of my mental and physical feeling of aggravation.

If we stop and settle our minds at that moment of recognition, where we feel that agitated energy and just take a deep breath, then focus on our physicality rather than our mentality we shift the human mind’s ability to sabotage us.

The first card I pulled this morning as I settled down to think about today’s talk was guided to be from the Kuan Yin Oracle Deck by Alana Fairchild

The card is numbered 11 and it’s title is Enter The Jade Temple.

Next I pulled an 11:11 Alignment Card by Zera Starchild of An to get another reflection of what was coming through.

That card was Oneness (Whole) and read…
I merge my ego back to Source.
I Am One with the Universe

So let’s just take a moment and a gentle yet deep breath to soften into that thought…
I merge my ego back to source… I am one with the universe…

Feel into the energies of that process, of becoming aware of ourselves as a Unified Being.

Of course that next led me to the Sacred Space Meditation Cards by Eleanor Von Linden which brings to us the card… Change

“Change is a permanent law of the universe. I am blessed by Source to make my change for the better.”

Before I even fully read the wisdom of the Kuan Yin Card I came to realize that the aggravation which I was feeling was all about my human mind’s inability to handle changes.
The changes that each of us are going through right now are a result of even greater changes that we are dwelling in, as human beings evolving.

Honestly take a look at the world around you and I will read the first paragraph that is brought through Alana Fairchild from Kuan Yin for us to deepen into…

“Kuan Yin, in her Temple of peaceful Jade, causes all conflict to elevate to higher peaceful resolution. A resolution and healing of any situation that is concerning you is already underway. In fact, you are being asked to begin to feel the relief of that resolution now, so you can more readily receive the divine solution and blessing of peace from the beloved Kuan Yin when it arrives.”

I love the word resolution in that beautiful message. It reminds me of how we celebrate New Year’s Day by making resolutions or promises to ourselves, that we will strive to improve ourselves in the new year

So, today is another opportunity, a powerful moment to remove all conflicts within ourselves that are creating aggravation, on any level. Even the slightest level of aggravation is a universal message to come back to center and redirect our alignment with Source.

The path we are on right now is one of liberation, one of accessing and embodying our sovereignty, Our Divine Sovereignty.

Let us now think of planet Earth as the Jade Temple and how we are to do well in that Jade Temple with respect and kindness, not only to our Source of being but towards each other.

The purpose being to bring about Peace and Harmony for our human self as well as for All Life on this amazing planet we temporarily call home.

Imagine yourself sitting in this Jade Temple, in silence, receiving the richness of the energies that surround you. Know that the deep peace you feel here is being offered to you from the Heart of Kuan Yin through a beautiful Jade Lotus that she holds out to you to embrace.

As we reach out to receive Her most generous gift of Divine Grace
let us remember as it fills our heart’s fields
that our surrender to Peacefulness and Kindness is not a sign of weakness
but the True strength of the Divine Masters
who have continually told us that through our surrendering
to the greater whole of all life
we will be welcomed and embraced eternally.

As we leave this Jade Temple today let us humbly bow in thankfulness for the healing of our hearts…

Om Shanti, Om Shanti. Om Mani Pame Hum. Om Shanti, Om Shanti. Om

Charlie Riverman Bergeron 5.8.20

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