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Beyond Duality


Good Morning and May Blessings arise from within you to embrace you and guide you as We All move into the NEW Earth frequencies.

The title of today’s talk came about after reading my morning influx of wisdom from many sisters and brothers experiencing the Rising Tide Energy.

All of us are becoming more sensitive to energetic interference in our daily lives. The changes in our perceptional abilities are allowing Conscious Oneness to become accessible.

Conscious Oneness, for me, is becoming awake and aware of our Multidimensional Self through an energetic shifting of our current perception and the viewpoint from which we observe it.

All of which becomes the Gateway of creating a New Reality.

Ram Dass has been quoted as saying, “the one, playing as the two, and then returning to the one.”

This message of Oneness is precisely what I was aware of in my own death experience in a motorcycle accident.

I became Pure Peace, Pure Light, and Pure Love, only to return into my physical body of extreme pain and suffering.

All sense of what We perceive as reality was instantly changed, and I was reminded not to forget who I was again.

Most people would express what I just described as duality. The concept being a Spirit dwelling in a Human body.

However, perceiving the inner Spirit Self leads us to the True Self, which is Multidimensional, which is Beyond Duality.

Hence, We have the title of today’s discussion.

The first card I usually pull for these talks comes from the Sacred Sacred Meditation Cards by Elinor Von Linden.


“Breath is the basis of life, as I breathe in power from Source: I know I have eternal life.”

My experience had shown me that breathing keeps the physical body alive while the Sacred Self continues to move through many dimensions until it returns to its Source.

The Source of All Life as We understand it in the human form.

Yet We are so much more and beginning to understand it at deeper levels.

The word Levels denoting our multidimensional existence, which is not new, yet certainly challenging to clearly define to the human mind at this point in its evolution.

I was guided to the Kuan Yin Oracle from Alana Fairchild for a message.


“You are a highly creative being with the potential to help raise the vibration of consciousness on this planet through your creative projects, work, dreams, and hobbies. The power of collaboration, choosing to work with others in joint projects, allows for synergy to occur where you can grow stronger and become more than the sum of your individual parts, calling in great cosmic assistance and potency! You are guided to remain open to other Souls joining forces with you. Just like the Sisters of the Sun Rising that bring great energy to help humanity through their group endeavours, when you allow for aligned group effort, much that is wonderful can occur. “
Today is a reminder for us to embrace the opportunities that are arising around us to break free from our old paradigm of awareness and explore all of the rising possibilities.

“We are no longer locked down or held prisoner in a world of duality

We are sovereign beings of Peace, Light, and Love

We are experiencing an essential global transmutation

wherein all of our past errors will be released as no longer necessary for the continued evolution of humanity as both a collective multidimensional form or as a singularity limited by the projection of fear within the higher dimensional Earth.” – Riverman

Many Blessings to each of you as We join within Our Hearts, which are opening more every day.

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Charlie Riverman Bergeron 7.25.20