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Encouragement And Trust



As I awoke and the day began, I asked what the topic for today’s talk would be. After a few moments of silence, the word Encouragement came through with a feeling of deep love.

Of course, my human mind started questioning what the purpose might be for this topic and then looked back into the dreams that I was having just before I woke up.

They were fragmented thoughts and actions that all had negative connotations. They were bits and pieces of past emotions that were not aligned or could relate to any constructive patterns in my lifetime or future.

As I let out my dog and made my coffee, I realized that we all need a little encouragement. Much darkness and suffering are affecting us now, even when we are not focusing on it.

I was first led to pulling a card from my Course In Miracles deck, which was a gift to me many years ago as a facilitator.

The card reads,

…” Heaven is here.

There is nowhere else.

Heaven is now.

There is no other time.”…

Please read that again, slowly, and feel it opening both your heart and mind.

This message comes from the Manual For Teachers, which speaks about Atonement or as I like to say ‘At-One-Ment‘ wherein we are no longer focused or disturbed in the present moment or our past.

We are fully present right here and right now. 

Heaven is always attainable, in this very moment. 

It is our human beliefs and fears that are the leading causes of not feeling Encouragement.

The next word Trust came forward from the Sacred Space Meditation Cards.

”The hand of God guides me. I trust Him as He leads me to where He has always been.”

The present situation of false leadership in the World is triggering a deep division within Humanity’s collective mind.

Wherein We are suffocating. I use the word suffocating because that is what it feels like to me.

It is time now for us to rise up and out of that suffocation and seek the more exceptional Air, which uplifts Us and nourishes Our Souls.

When Our Hearts are closed, We have separated, not physically, but energetically, and at that moment, We are weakened and vulnerable.

“It is Trust that is the key to Our Encouragement.” – crb

I know that each of you is feeling this right now. Whether or not you may realize it. This feeling of separation is the moment of truth for us to encourage each other and trust in Our Divine Presence to change the course of Humanity by directing it back into the Light.

Right now, as a collective, We can enter a New Spring through choice and will. Spring meaning the season of healing and transformation.

Let us encourage each other to find the places within ourselves that need healing. Those ancient wounds of mistrust, abusiveness, or emptiness have become the wounds we have been manipulated by.

Let us challenge ourselves and each other to restore peace, happiness, and self-worth to fill the darkness with the fertile soils that will bring forth the Abundant Joy of the New Spring within Us.

It is the Inner work that We focus on right now that will change the outer world around us, not the opposite.

Let us let go of the judgmental attitudes that are being triggered and remember the message,

” Heaven is here.

There is nowhere else.

Heaven is now.

There is no other time.”


From the Kuan Yin Oracle by Alana Fairchild, I offer this, 

Spring Healing Prayer of Kuan Yin and Maiden Ma Gu

Beloved Kuan Yin and Spring Goddess Maiden Ma Gu, thank you for your unconditionally loving help now. I ask to be helped in knowing myself more fully and allowing that part of me that is seeking expression now, to emerge in a conscious, loving and empowering way. May I know and live all of myself, beloved ones, may my life be filled with light, energy and warmth, like Springtime after the Winter, for the highest good of all.

Om Mani Padme Hum!

Charlie Riverman Bergeron 7.31.2020

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