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Here is a little reminder for each of us to tap into Our True Self as a Unified Field of Heart Resonance.

It is easy to forget how precious and powerful our breathing is for physical sustainability. It is not just as individuals to sustain our bodies but also the Energy Fields around us. Both of which are greatly diminished in each of us through physical and emotional separation.

The In-Breath is where We receive precious oxygen; it also operates as an energy compressor, which empowers us to move and send energy both within our physical body and out into the world.

I, therefore, encourage us to focus on Peaceful Thoughts when exhaling that arises from within the Heart as Loving and Compassionate thought-forms.

Just think about how We already understand the power of cheering at a sports event or a large group during a concert, mainly how it brings us closer together as a Whole.

The opposite reminds us of all damage we can do in a state of anger when we scream curses violently and become offensive, literally clearing a room or even public space.

We now need to re-learn that when people overpower us, the first thing they do is take away or diminish our natural gift of breathing.

Pay attention now more than ever to your breathing and re-develop healthy patterns.

Fill your breath with Positive and Loving intentions both for others and yourself.

At that moment and in every breath, We actively participate and accomplish Healing throughout the Whole World.

Charlie Riverman Bergeron 8.20.20