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1.22.16 Rising Moon

WOW… a week has passed again and I find that it has been one of re-organizing on many levels.
We are now in the energy of our Pink Full Moon… what a lovely name as it relates to Pink Phlox which should be saluting the Spring here in the Northern Hemisphere.

My choice of a Black and White picture of a Full Moon is representative of our world now which has lost a bit of its color for so many beautiful beings as we all begin to re-organize and re-structure every facet of our existence here.

This is not an easy process for many of us as we lose sight of the colors which our True Spectrum of Light offers.

So I offer a bit of My Light as Riverman which I capture during the week in posts and responses on Social Media.
I often read them weeks and months later and feel Blessed to be able to bring these words through and know that they have reached you.


Sometimes strength is not always worn like a suit of armor to show the world. It can be quiet and still, watching and waiting with all our attention knowing that attack is always an option but not always a resolution.

Let us remember that Love is our Greatest Strength!

Wisdom comes from within as what we share reaches each other’s hearts and resonates with the Truth which has always been waiting to be released about who we truly are.

Let us recognize our love for ourselves… even if a just small spark in an empty cavern.

Charity is not just the giving of material wealth in a false world… it is surrendering to the Christic Energy of unfailing compassion, patience, and mercy.

It flows through our hearts to enrich and uplift through the radiance of Love.

The positive is not a silent revolution as you have witnessed but a re-dedication of ourselves to our Mother Earth, Father Sky and Grandmother Water.
WE are not powerless nor have we ever been
WE have chosen to be here during this amazing timeline
WE and NATURE are united in Oneness and cannot be separated.

It seems we have a theme today or at least I have been guided to look at the word SOURCE.
So I asked my guides to give me a word for each letter to define it…

S overeign
O mnipresent
U niversally
R esonant
C osmological
E xperience

The picture is a compilation of artworks which are not mine nor do I know who created them… I arranged them in a vertical three panel setting called Christos Sophia Descending. It reflects the Divine Marriage of Masculine and Feminine energies coming back into form from Source.

Take a deep breath and lean back into this reading. Many are feeling exhaustion as the journey of BEING TRUE TO SELF has been a bit of a bumpy ride. Your Ancestors thank You, Grandmother Water thanks You, Mother Earth thanks You! Allow it now to be received.

All changes are energy in motion.
It is energy which triggers energy
You are an Energy Master
Know that all energy which comes at us has no agenda and allow it to be present for observation.
The energy we raise within us to meet it, is to have no agenda other than to release what no longer is in alignment with our hearts. Be grateful for it being brought up to be transmuted as it is the deep frozen and blocked energy within us that hold us prisoner.

You are here in this energy to end the charade and within your multi-dimensional Self the Truth has been always kept Sacred.
This external display of who you are is not You but an illusion which you created to hide your pain. It did not work, nor does it work for anyone.
Make amends where amends can be made and move out this energy field which has no power over you other than what you feed it.

There is no peace in the mind of the greedy.
There is no compassion in the heart of the dead.
Let those of who have witnessed this in many lifetimes and on many planets once again bring through and send the energy of Peace, Light and Love into the pain and suffering.
Let us once again remember why we are here right now and hold fast to our purpose.
We are here for the children who will have to clean up this mess and rebuild a civilization of Unity.
Humanity will survive and many of you will return here as those children but you will not remember this for we are cleaning and clearing the dissolving timelines faster than they are being written upon.

The majority of what we are now moving through is not “person”ally” ours.
Not ours as as a “person” and certainly not in any way an “ally”!
It is a repeating patterning or fractal which we have an unconscious belief about… that we cannot change it.
Yes we can! Herein lies the Grace!

Let us each reach deep within ourselves to that place of darkness which the outer world triggers.

Knowing that We are not powerless pawns in a deadly game of Greed but powerful beyond our own abilities to be aware of in this moment.

Let us Affirm Our Authentic Benevolence


Peace, Light and Love