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Light of New Dawn

I sit and fight with writing this for it is a deeply resonating issue that I have become more aware of as I embrace my own life history, in order to attain a better understanding of the shadows which are arising within me.
We celebrate Mothers Day on the Second Sunday in May here in the US along with 65 other countries around the world.

It is also held in every month of the year somewhere around the world depending on certain sacred days and local customs.
For this one day we raise women up and honor them as Mothers.

I now take a sad turn as I think of my own mother and the many women who do not get any recognition for being the embodiment of the Sacred and Divine Womb of Life they have been since our human incarnations began.

Throughout the world, on every day of the year and for over thousands of years they have had to endure patriarchal teachings which have forced them into submission and a form of self-denial which for many becomes micro-suicide wherein it threatens their physical and mental health.

So the words HEALING – CARE – COMPASSION arose as I felt into what might be said to the world to encourage each of us to deepen our understandings of the Divine Mother which each great grandmother, grandmother, mother and daughter represent.

What do I say to other men who are trying to figure out why their lives are empty and they have become so greedy and it doesn’t satisfy them anymore

MOTHER is much more than the person through whom we were born into life
SHE is the Divine Feminine Rising in us all

The talk and a beautiful message below the links…
Mothers-Healing-Care-Compassion – YourListen MP3

Mothers-Healing-Care-Compassion – YouTube Video

As one who has chosen to be in service to the Divine Mother…
The following message arose within me while editing this photograph of this painting done by Visionary Artist Katherine Skaggs
which I had the privilege of watching her create live
during Love Lives Here: 40 Days Of Reconnection

! Katherine Skaggs Painting Message !

My Beloved Children of Light
As you dive into your passionate Hearts
know that you are always swimming within Mine
We are never separated in any moment of your journey

This Radiance that you encounter before you
even when you close your eyes, so as not to see
cannot ever be quelled or diminished
nor can it ever be overpowered by any falsity

For I sit before you to remind all Humanity
of the beauty and magnificence each of you truly are
as well as the Brilliance you are to emanate
as We join our Energetic Expressions in Unity

Call on me when you are weakened or fearful
know that I AM always within you and around you
to soothe and comfort you or lift you up
from all that You may encounter on behalf of the Whole

Blessed Ones bathe and then don the colors before you
knowing that within Your Truth the rainbow shines
and that each of you are gathered here now
to remember and bring forth
Your Gifts
of Re-Connection

~Charlie Riverman Bergeron 5.1.18

Inspired by the 5.1.18 painting of Katherine Skaggs