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Blessings of the Full Moon to everyone.

Somehow, this new Season, whether Autumn or Spring, feels powerful wherever you are in the world.

The messages I received this morning are about change.

Change happens on many levels, and We are about to express them both personally and collectively.

A Kuan Yin Oracle card that showed up yesterday was,

Hear The Yellow Tiger Mother.

“Sometimes we must be strong and hold true whilst all around us seems to be shifting and changing.”

I’m feeling that deeply as I look at our powerful Full Moon, which has amplified so much emotion in everyone I talk to lately.

The stress and frustration they talk about is genuinely palpable and has a way of changing my attitude and emotional understanding.

Yet if We listen internally.

We are being guided to stand in our powerful Presence of Light.

We are being guided to listen more deeply to the voice of our Heart.

To be both strong and flexible is the way for us to move through every situation we encounter.

The Yellow Tiger Mother is offering Her energies to us all.

They will arise within us, not from around us, and they have always been there, though we may not have recognized them.

They are always aligned with the Universal Source of Creation, which cannot be hidden or denied when called upon.

So let us take a moment to breathe in deeply and offer the world around us a sigh of relief. Letting go of that dark sense of struggle and insecurity.

We are far more powerful than we have been allowed to understand.

The Sacred Space Meditation Card for today is Creative Power and brings the message,

“As a being of potential energy, I realize that the source of all I need is within me.”

I have spoken about our potentiality on many occasions and yet it still at times feels so distant.

My Guides are always reminding me that my human logic is more often than not causing blockage and misunderstanding. Human logic is trapped in a circle where night follows day, and rising is contrasted by falling.

Logical thinking is no longer able to explain what we are experiencing.

We are being called to trust more in our Creative Self and observe the field of energy around us more closely.

Simply put, let’s make pausing between our moments of stress or insecurity longer and more in-depth.

We are creating a space for Our True Heart Resonance to stabilize and communicate within us and with each other.

It will be from this re-connection to the quantum field of Heart Resonance that New Creation will occur.

Beginning within our individual physicality and spreading to each other as the Sun and Moon communicate with Mother Earth and Her Water.


“The effect of the heart resonance energy field has been proven by leading scientists in Europe, quantum physics, and in more than 20 years of research of the Heart Math Institute, USA (http://www.heartmath.org).”

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Charlie Riverman Bergeron 10.2.2020