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Shadows and Colors

Let us just take a moment to quietly settle our energy
Looking into the soothing radiance and stillness of the frozen water
The glistening snow that has captured the light of its surroundings
Allowing yourself to sigh a deep breath and relax
into the earth beneath you…
Nature is reminding us that we are moving way too fast for comfort
Creating large fields of distortion within our own physicality
Inhale slowly and deeply, releasing it with loving and thankful thoughts
about ourselves and each other.

Today is the last day of February here in Maine and so far 2018 has been a whirlwind of highly concentrated energies. Many of us are now feeling a sense of exhaustion which is at times is very interesting to try to explain, especially to those who are not even aware it is occurring.
Most of humanity is busily ignoring it and looking for a magic pill to make it go away or otherwise seeking some healthy solution to resolve the many physical and emotional symptoms which defy rational explanation.

The messages I have been receiving from my Higher Multi-Dimensional Consciousness  and those who express there (The Crystalline Consciousness of 22) have been to slow everything down during this period of fractalization, throughout our Galaxy and the greater Universe.

This is a functional requirement which will differ among all of us and we are being individually guided to Embrace The Silence. The key is within our own Beingness and all external impulsing is designed now to trigger the vastness of our Inner Self.

Our natural human tendencies will no longer serve us as well as in the past because they are being constantly updated through our DNA and the Greater Self Alignment which is not at a frequency of clear understanding from a 3D human perspective. (In This NOW)

For most of you who may read this… all of this is not NEW-s.

This energetic remodeling creates many imbalances which are not as we perceive them but what we experience (E-motion) and are termed evolutionary in their cause and effect.
It is a form of transmutation which humans have experienced many times before but do not remember in our current embodiment as the E-motion is not transferable but stays within the density of the dimension we experience it in.

There is also at play what we as embodied… Spirit, Soul, Energy… or however you may perceive yourself in this moment, a deepening of our inner structure which is being calibrated to flourish and thrive in the NEW Universally updated frequencies.

Deepening is not an accurate definition but a relative spatial reference which the 3D human mind relates to. So in reference to that, it is the Silence in which the I Am is guided to fully Embrace as much of the totality which its embodiment can steadily hold, in order to move through the chaos of energetic disturbance in a less agitated state.

Let us now take in another deep breath as we now choose to return
To the external energy fields which are distorted
And May we remember that it is the Silence Within
Which holds the most potential for us in this evolution of Human Consciousness
Take another deep breath and release it slowly
I AM Free
I AM Complete
I AM Peace, Light and Love