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Signs Sighs Signs – Show Notes 11.6.20

This morning I awoke to read a personal message from a friend about the drama that is playing out in America during this Presidential Election.

Which over time will be a lesson for the whole world.

There were signs everywhere showing division not support. Not just political banners but people could no longer be civil to each other in conservation

So let’s begin with an Angel Blessings Card


Every visible thing in this world is put in the charge of an angel. – St. Augustine

Ariel is a powerful Angel of nature. She reminds us that what is most important right now is to have an open heart.

It is through an open heart that humanity and nature will overcome their separation.

As humans we are now witnessing the point in our evolution where we must understand our past and heal it for the collective whole of the future. Not only for ourselves but the future generations of all living beings.

We are to see the polarity and separation as a flashing reminder that by releasing our past we prepare the future, not just for a group or country or political success. We can only do this in the Present

The Present (as in time) is a present or gift from Nature for us to unwrap and be thankful for.

It is the moment of opportunity to reconnect with our mother Earth at deeper levels than ever before, in order to understand how much damage we have done to ourselves.

It begins within us, as We feel the pain that is arising from within us and truly realize that respect is the key to the future.

A Self Respect that is based on our ability to allow and offer Peace, Light And Love from deep within our hearts, not just to a few close people, to everyone. 

Our Divine Essence cannot be controlled by any energetic force outside of us.
It can only be buried or distorted through the programming of our minds.

We are now awake and it hurts.
Those who look at life as a contest or sporting event cannot see the Truth for they are blinded by the lights of the stadium and the roar of the crowd.

Time to sit within ourselves and offer love and compassion to the suffering we carry for the whole world is needed not more judgement.

WE have a clear channel within us that has never been disconnected to what we call our Divine Family, except through the distortion of our communication system.

If you look at what has happened during the last 30 years you will begin to see the gradual decline of our ability to love each other.

The next Angel Blessings Card

Stamera – Forgiveness

Offers us a look inside of ourselves…

Stamera, beautiful Stamera… come into my life my beloved and make me whole.

Fill me with your forgiveness complete, washing away all remnants of my intolerance for my own imperfections.

Stamera, blessed one, hold me in your arms of love…

You are my friend and companion, Stamera.

You are my bliss.


Let us now seek where the external is creating or agitating all of our ancient inner wounds and offer them forgiveness

As well as the opportunity to create new areas within us, of open space, that will be fertilized and nurtured for the future generations.

America is showing the world how wounded we are and how devastating the virus of our division is.

So be strong in vision of a better World and keep yourself attuned to not feeling weak but aware.

Many times we will surrender to an illness in order to overcome it.

We Shall Overcome

Charlie Riverman Bergeron 11.6.20

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