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SHOW NOTES 11.20.20

Good morning and welcome to Presence of Light.

Let us start with a question.
How many of you are feeling as if something is limiting you?

My first message today came from the Sacred Evolutionary Space Cards by Elinor Von Linden. One of my favorite decks because of the randomness of its messages.

“The Universe is beyond the limits of our expansion, but not of God’s Divine Light.”

This message reminded me that if I feel heavy or sad about my human experience, there is an alternative surrounding me.

This card’s affirmations tell us that we need to look beyond the visible and reach out into the Universe to attract the Light, which is Pure Power beyond our ability to manipulate or dismiss it.

Calling it into our physicality and anchoring it to the core of Mother Earth.

Right now, in our evolutionary path, there is a great deal of instability, with many groups and individuals adjusting to all life in very destructive ways.

The mindset that creates this is what I would call collective darkness and will cycle back into balance but not without our conscious assistance.

Unlimited Light is now calling us all to see it’s many facets no matter who you are or where you live.
It has no rules or boundaries as to being right or wrong as it is the power of creation beyond the limitedness of our thinking minds.

For thousands of years, we have worshiped it in many different forms and given it as many names so that we might identify with it.

Each time we have done that, we have created a separation from it where we begin to make rules and regulations when Unlimited Light is precisely what the words mean.

We call it GOD and apply human attributes and rules to it to honor and understand it all.

My interpretation of G O D this morning is
Great Order Divine
which is the constant Unlimited Light Energy of all evolution

Let us look for the Unlimited Light in each other as we collectively move forward and ask that it increase its visibility.

Here is a prayer from my friend Mia
who is the creator of Soul Inspirations Message Cards by Kahliya

Dear God
Please protect me
And my loved ones
Help me find Peace
In this situation
Help me make All the Right
Choices for the True Path
You Wish for Me
Help me Walk
In Your Light
In All Ways

Mia Leventhal

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