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Ancestral Trauma – Charlie Riverman Bergeron 11.13.20

SHOW NOTES – Ancestral Trauma 11.13.20
Good morning and welcome to the rising energies of a new world.

I have been touched once again by my sense of loss and desire to send prayers and energies backward in time to our ancestors.

Most of us are being challenged by what is currently happening worldwide, yet it has all happened before.

Each of us also carries the gene codes and energetic memories of thousands of lifetimes.

This morning, my question was, how do we come to a place of peace in our evolution.

A place where the collective humanity’s past trauma no longer has a detrimental effect, allowing us to move into a place where someone can acknowledge it without reinstalling the energetic distortion.

Ancestral Trauma as Energetic Distortion

The Sacred Space Meditation Card by Elinor Von Linden today is Answers.

“I need only to have faith and believe and the answers will be there.”

In today’s world, we have become less enamored by faith in our quest for truth.

Truth has become dramatically distorted by the past trauma of our humanity.

We seek beliefs that are nothing more than band-aids for a wound that is not healing but remaining and spreads like the current virus through generations.

As I write these words and allow them to flow through me, I’m feeling Planet Earth’s first foot races struggling to survive.

Let’s take a deep breath here and acknowledge that we are breathing.

Let us also recognize that at this moment, we have the power to focus our energy on anything we desire.

We have the power to accept things as they are or create something more beneficial.

We can be selfish or greathearted.

The more greathearted we become, the further backward or forward in time we can send our energy.

Here is the key to releasing not only our ancestral trauma but our own at this moment and the future simultaneously.

The most significant cause of death in humans is Heart Disease.

PTSD causes Heart Trauma, which can be attributed to excessive fear.

So let us begin to see the connection between our ancestors’ fear, which did not get resolved but increased today’s collective anxiety and fear.

A Fear that has controlled humanity in every civilization, keeping our hearts from operating at their highest and most beneficent frequency.

Let us overcome our separation by opening our hearts to each other without fear and send that energy backward in time to our ancestors.

It will, in turn, flow back through us and into the future generations.

Correcting the flow and restoring humanity to its original blueprint.

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Charlie Riverman Bergeron 11.13.20