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Coming Into Alignment

Gathering together in sacredness
We embrace each other
within the Heart Chamber
Of Our Eternal Presence

Aligning with All of Our ancestors
as well as our future generations
with whom we are always connected
outside of time and space

Lift your hearts up to be seen
gently beating a rhythm of community
In which all are seen as the self
that is seeking what has been forgotten

Let us also respect the space here between us
As a place of safety and comfort
Which allows us to expand and contract
more slowly and deeply as we quiesce

Embracing each other in full awareness
without reserve or intimidation
feeling Our Love weaving a tapestry
of brilliant Stars shining brightly

Here We are
Here We have always been
in this womb filling now with compassion
as Our Divine Mother’s Cosmic Body
sings to us of worlds beyond our comprehension

Where Love and Respect are not just words
They are the Primordial Essence
from which We are created into form

Charlie Riverman Bergeron 12.3.20