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SHOW NOTES: 11.27.20

Miracles and Enchantment

The Universe is magical.
It creates wonderful miracles in my world.

– Sacred Space Meditation Cards by Elinor Von Linden

I am a Child of the Universe
I Know My Worth
I Anchor My Existence
I Am A Blessing To This Earth

– Soul Inspirations Cards Message by Kahliya

Here We are in this moment of evolutionary time, spinning our way through all of creation. Each of us contained within the unseen energies and amazing abilities of our physical bodies.

Traveling on a planet whose physical body is a smaller than grain of sand in comparison to the cosmos.

There are approximately 7.8 Billion humans here on Planet Earth

Let us behold the power and adventure that each of us have the capability to change the future tap into if we as a majority of the collective let go of our fears.

Of course, that is something which seems ridiculously impossible.
Or perhaps a Miracle.

Yet Miracles are happening every day
Within this Grand Order Divine

A Course In Miracles states,
“Nothing real can be threatened.
Nothing unreal exists.
Herein lies the peace of God.”

The key to Miracles is to let go of all that we have been entrained with that is negative and allow the positive to at least at bring it into balance.

That would appear as a Miracle and we would become so enchanted by it that we would want to continue in that process.

Charlie Riverman Bergeron 11.27.20

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