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Rehumanizing the Global Heart 2

The river of human life has 7.9 billion beating hearts
and is heard and felt around the world
it never stops beating but fails to be heard

Each individual heartbeat is our connection
to Mother Earth and all of humanity
let us take a moment to feel it pulsing

Humanity is more than just our heartbeat
and is a state of being socially compassionate
and willing to be kind and caring

Knowing that from our heart center
we have an amazing power that has been
closed down to a trickle and controlled

Each of us need to find the hidden love
deep within our own hearts and open the floodgates
so that it pours forth and once again nourishes all

Think of rehumanizing the Global Heart
as swimming in the flow of Love once again
without fear or judgment in order to benefit everyone

Charlie Riverman Bergeron 2.10.22
Written for the Global Heart Team