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The Ensouling of Divine Love in the Personal Heart

We speak often of Love and seek to find it
yet it is not a commodity or an object outside of us
Divine Love is Our True Essence and Power

Each of us have been separated from its Truth
over many thousands of years of embodiment
and it is now our collective journey to regather

Our Personal Heart is merely the gateway
through which the Light of Love shines eternally
it is the Inner Chamber of our Source Of Unconditional Love

The unseen Love that fills the Holy Chalice within us
and waits to be poured forth into all other Hearts around us
like the beautiful raindrops in the sky that form rainbows

Imagine now a beautiful rainbow in your Heart Chakra
casting forth its colorful radiance to fill the empty space
that surrounds us wherever we are or whomever we are with

Engage this blissful energy as the center point of Self
that Self which is who we truly are before birth
and remain throughout all the trials of our human experience

Written for the Global Heart Team 2.17.22
Charlie Riverman Bergeron